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Examining Your Site Design

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Normally, website owners tend to take a hands off approach to site design, or at least don’t put as much emphasis over it when compared to tracking and analyzing traffic and numbers, even though they are aware that design affects the bottomline as well. This is because design is a little bit more subjective and open to interpretation compared to hard numbers, and they feel that they should focus more on things that they’re more likely to accurately assess and control.

However, failing to take a more active control in your site’s design could make you lose out on one of the most important things in a business-customer relationship: first impressions. Think of a website’s design as akin to a newspaper article’s title or headline – if it fails to capture a person’s attention, there is a huge chance that the article itself is not going to get read. With websites, if your site’s design looks ugly, cluttered, or generally uninteresting to users, chances are they’re not going to bother surfing further regardless of how valuable the content is.

Why Do You Need to Examine Your Site Design?

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For one very simple reason: enriching the user experience. Running a business or company website is unique in such a way that people think it’s all about providing the right kind of content – whether it’s information or tangible products – to people, not knowing that the way in which the content is served is also part of their responsibility. If you want to make sure that poor design isn’t bottlenecking your business, here are a few things you might want to take a close look at: (more…)

How a Business Can Be Adversely Affected by Web Host

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

It’s expected of a business owner to reign in unnecessary spending, but sometimes this responsibility is warped and the word “unnecessary” is taken out of the equation, resulting in businesses trying to spend too little on things that they should have spent more money on. One such case is with website hosting.

It’s easy for businesses to make do with cheap hosting because they get blinded by the savings and don’t see anything wrong past the working and accessible company website. However, there are a number of ways that a business can be adversely affected by a poor web host, such as:

Slow Loading Speeds

If your website is loading slowly because the cheap host you went with can’t accommodate the massive bandwidth all of their customers require, your business will suffer on two fronts. First is that you could turn away customers as they grow impatient waiting for the website to load. Next is that you might not even get customers as Google’s ranking algorithms also take website loading speed into account during ranking.

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Why Prestige Technologies is Focused on Mobile Security

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

FT Web App on iPhone- Home Screen (5814017819)Website owners these days are savvy enough to understand the need for security, as exploits and vulnerabilities – especially high profile ones like the heartbleed bug – have already made mainstream news. They know that security, or the lack of one, can cost a business a lot of money not just in sales but also in loss of customer confidence. However, website owners and administrators these days are still too focused on the desktop segment of the market that they tend to see the urgency in ensuring mobile security.

The Need for Increased Mobile Security

There are many reasons why there is an increased need for mobile security these days, but two major ones stand out. First is that mobile hasn’t received the same amount of attention from people with regard to security. Nobody in their right mind would think of using a desktop computer for regular browsing and email without even installing an anti virus and anti spyware, yet people continue to use their mobile phones out of the box or worse, root their devices and give special privileges to programs.

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Future of Web Hosting

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

The web hosting industry may seem fairly stagnant to onlookers as websites still function the same way they do a decade ago unlike digital communication channels, which encountered various disruptive technologies over the span of the last decade.

However, the truth is that the hosting industry has a lot of shakeups and trends that occur from behind the scenes on a regular basis. One of the leading cloud service providers in the world, Verizon Enterprises Solutions, has compiled a list of web hosting related trends that could drive the industry in the coming years, here are some that you may want to keep an eye out for:

Companies Start Moving From VPNs to Hybrid Clouds

Verizon cites a recent report from Gartner in which over 60% of companies are likely to adopt some kind of cloud computing in favor of virtual private networks by next year. This means service providers are in prime position to shift workloads between private and public clouds for being in the competition.

Mobile Continues to Grow

For a long time now, many pundits have considered mobile as the death knell for desktop. It’s hyperbole for sure – desktop systems will always have a place when it comes to compute-intensive workloads like 3D rendering, file serving, and even gaming – but it’s true that mobile has already overtaken desktop when it comes to userbase. For web hosting, this means that more and more service providers will start offering mobile extensions and subscribers will start to look into mobile options.

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Will Domain Names and Web Hosting Affect My Business?

Monday, September 15th, 2014

When it comes to building a presence online, different businesses will require different approaches and there’s no generic template for how to go about things. However, there is one advise that remains true for any business if they want to avoid problems down the line: get a domain name and paid web hosting.

It’s natural for businesses to try and seek cost-savings wherever it may appear applicable, and the number of free hosting services can be appealing having your own but domain name and paid web hosting (or its absence) will affect your business significantly due to the following reasons:

User Experience

User experience is arguably one of the most important factors when it comes to your business website, because it’s a hotline to the customers. If your website loads slow or is frequently unavailable because free hostings don’t really provide true unlimited bandwidth, you have unsatisfied customers. That’s bad for your business and your company’s brand.

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Data Breaches You Should Know About

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Cyber Security at the Ministry of Defence MOD 45153616

2014 isn’t exactly a good year for proponents of IT security, as the Identity Theft Resource Center has already counted 381 reported breaches and around 10.8 million records exposed this year, and that’s just from January to June, we still have half a year to go before we really find out the severity. Even if you’re not from the IT security industry, it is important to know about these attacks as you never know which ones could affect you these days due to the prevalence of computers. Here are some of the worst Data Breaches you should know about for this year:

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How Prestige Technologies’ Design & Development Can Influence User Behavior

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Web Design and DevelopmentWhen it comes to websites, the layout and design serves a function that goes beyond mere aesthetics. A website’s look has the ability to influence user behavior, so the design and development phase isn’t something that Prestige Technologies wants you to take lightly.

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In order to ensure that a user gets the best experience from your website and does exactly what you want them to do, Prestige recommends paying attention to the following elements:


In web design and development, size does matter – for a number of reasons. The first and most important is simply a matter of getting people’s attention. A call to action that’s in a teeny-tiny font size won’t attract the same kind of attention (if at all) as a call to action that is larger than the rest of the paragraph text.

Additionally, size works as a sort of cue card for users, guiding them where to look and how much weight to put into elements. Making something small relative to the rest of the site subconsciously tells them to pay little attention to it, while making elements big gives users the idea that this is an important part and should be given immediate attention. (more…)

Unsecured Security

Friday, September 5th, 2014

A few decades ago, IT security wasn’t much of an issue. Sure, there are hackers and malicious code, but most of them were created out of mischief and at worst could only render a computer inoperable. The really dangerous hackers at that time had no real reason to go after the common user. However, these days cyber crime is financially motivated, with syndicates employing hackers and programmers in order to amass millions of dollars through various methods, including phishing, ransomware distribution, or even by hacking rival institutions or companies for a fee.

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What makes this problem even more serious is that there are a number of techniques, practices, and information relating to security that doesn’t really work as intended. They are simply outmoded, compromised, or not true in the first place. They are the IT security equivalent of old wives’ tales. Here are some that you might want to purge from your repertoire:

An Antivirus/Anti-Malware Suite Will Keep You 100% Safe

You can’t blame security software companies for claiming that their products will keep you safe from all attacks, simply because being upfront and stating that they’ll only protect you from most attacks isn’t likely to inspire buyer confidence and leaves them open to competitors willing to promise the moon and the stars. Additionally, it’s not like they aren’t trying – if it were up to security software companies, they’d create an antimalware that completely protects customers, because that means they’d rake in the profits from selling the best product in the market. Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that no software suite could ever hope to protect a user 100%. Even the best set of anti malware and anti-virus suites is just half of the equation, the other half is the user being smart and educated about IT security, because he or she is the one aspect of security that no software can account for. (more…)

10 Crazy IT Security Tricks That PT Recommends

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Computer SecurityNetwork security isn’t exactly the ideal place for experimentation, as it relies on tried-and-tested systems and methodologies in order to provide solid security. However, IT security threats these days evolve on a rapid pace and new ones are being discovered or created all the time, so there are times when a little bit of creativity provides new solutions that greatly enhance security without risking any vulnerabilities. Here are ten great examples of crazy IT security tricks that Prestige recommends:

1. Rename Administrator Accounts

Sometimes simple things that help a great deal get overlooked by virtue of their simplicity. This case, it’s something as simple as just changing the usernames of the administrator account. People already know that they should immediately change the password of the administrator account, but the username is usually kept as is for some reason (maybe it’s laziness, or maybe they treat it as a badge of pride.)

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