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Focus on Landing Pages to Increase Your Sales

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012
Once again it is time to discuss Landing Pages.

A landing page should be based on a single idea.

Your landing page should be focused, offer no distractions, and it should guide a visitor to completing the goal you had in mind when creating the page.  You need to help the visitor digest what you are offering quickly and easily. With a quality landing page, the visitor should be convinced to take action.

The problem with most websites is they do not direct the traffic they get from searches to a special landing page. Instead it is directed to a homepage which is ineffective in converting visitors into leads and buyers. A homepage offers too much interaction, and this diverts a visitor’s motivation.

Visitors who perform online searches for specific services and then get redirected to a homepage that does not reflect their search will immediately go elsewhere, and they will not return. This is why you need to understand the visitor’s motivation.

How did they arrive on your landing page? Were they properly guided or mislead? Do not frustrate the visitors with deception or require too many steps/clicks to get them to their desired destination.

Remember, you want to engage the visitor. When someone does a search they are typing a series of words or thoughts and pressing enter. You want to optimize the visitor’s thought sequence; so it is as if you are you entering into a conversation. Then you want to steer the conversation toward a valuable exchange.

You need to evaluate your landing page to accomplish the aforementioned. You need to concentrate on numerous factors:

Value Proposition —

Value proposition is the vehicle that provides the potential for the conversion rate.

Does the landing page relate to what the visitor thought they were going to see?

The relevance of the value proposition and context is critical. Your page must use terms your visitor relates to and be consistent with the incoming link or your visitor will leave the page. Do not confuse your visitor with multiple calls-to-action; or make them do a lot of thinking before a successful conversion can be made. To achieve a conversion you must provide a relevant incentive to the visitor.

Does the landing page clearly articulate the value proposition and call-to-action?

The two aspects of clarity that must be analyzed are design and content. The design should be unobstructed. The content should ensure the images and text combine to provide an easy-to-understand purpose.

Is there an indication that the action needs to be taken now? The tone of the presentation, offers, and deadlines can all influence urgency.

What are potential worries the visitor could have about undertaking the conversion action? If you provide credibility then you have established trust with the visitor, and then the anxiety is relieved.

Are there items on the page that could sidetrack the visitor away from the goal? The more visual inputs and action options your visitors have to process, the less likely they are to make a conversion decision. Minimizing distractions like unnecessary product options, links, and irrelevant information will increase the conversion rate.

Here are some additional quick tips to consider that may lift your conversion rates:

  • Design larger call-to-action buttons
  • Include your value proposition in a high-contrast, left-justified headline of two-lines or less
  • Cut your copy in half
  • Reduce the number of form fields
  • Minimize the number of layout columns

Knowing how to design or redesign your landing pages is vital to your success. Contact us today to directly affect the success rate of conversions from landing pages.

*Did You Know? There has not been a landing page invented that will develop your value proposition for you. However once you have selected your value proposition, a landing page is one of the best ways to achieve success with it.