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Affiliate Program

When you sign up for Prestige Technologies you are already and Affiliate. To access your account, click “Affiliate” on the homepage and you will have access to every resource you need to promote Prestige Technologies and track the progress.

20% lifetime commissions
No set-up fee
Our Affiliate program is most appropriate for a marketing website, a web marketing newsletter owner who wants to offer email marketing services to his or her visitors and subscribers.

Call TODAY 888-519-2763 to learn about our Associate Partner Program designed for companies and organizations that have an existing base of customers or members they can refer to Prestige Technologies.

25% commission for Associate Partners
Co-branded landing page
No set-up fee


Partner Program

Prestige Technologies is attempting to form alliances with people wishing to participate in a Partner Program. We feel that by rewarding our Partners financially and with immediate technical support, we can form long-lasting “partnerships” that benefit both of our companies. We believe that the business model of the future is comprised of companies pooling their resources and sharing technologies. This is a step in the right direction.


Become a Partner

What is the Partner Program?

Prestige Technologies has created an effective and inexpensive program that provides its partners with the highest quality hosting products and services using the latest Internet technologies. As a Prestige Technologies Partner, you can successfully offer your clients a complete range of bundled hosting services. A Partner is generally, but not limited to, an organization such as a web or software development company, or hardware partner that provides value by bundling multiple services to their customers.

How does it work?

Since Prestige Technologies is in the business of hosting websites, we decided to offer Partners a program that allows both of us the ability to focus on our strengths.
Prestige Technologies provides the structure and panel for the web hosting accounts as well as the billing panel and direct technical support to you.
All you need to do is be there for your customers questions. You can create your own plans and bill as you see fit. We only bill on the Partner Plan you have chosen.

How do Partners make money?

As a Prestige Technologies Partner you can offer a comprehensive suite of services to your customers or you can simply sell hosting. You can combine our leading web hosting products with your own value-added services like; web site development, programming, customized services, specialized expertise, consulting, networking, integration, service training and or support.

Since a Partner will be adding value in some unique way, they will usually charge a fee above the standard retail rate that is normally charged by Prestige Technologies.

However even if you dont have a value added service to sell you can still sell hosting and our hosted applications at a discounted rate. This then becomes your value add.

We provide the tools you need so everything is automated as well. We provide an easy to use panel so your clients can create their own accounts and update their own files. We provide you with a billing panel so you can automate billing as well. Let us help you get setup so you can start making money right away.

What happens if our customer figures out, Prestige Technologies is the hosting company?

As a value added Partner you are purchasing your hosting a lower rate than we could ever offer them directly. They benefit by going through you and you provide them with your own value added service. Without a direct contract with us they wont be able to work with us directly.