Why Prestige Technologies is Focused on Mobile Security

FT Web App on iPhone- Home Screen (5814017819)Website owners these days are savvy enough to understand the need for security, as exploits and vulnerabilities – especially high profile ones like the heartbleed bug – have already made mainstream news. They know that security, or the lack of one, can cost a business a lot of money not just in sales but also in loss of customer confidence. However, website owners and administrators these days are still too focused on the desktop segment of the market that they tend to see the urgency in ensuring mobile security.

The Need for Increased Mobile Security

There are many reasons why there is an increased need for mobile security these days, but two major ones stand out. First is that mobile hasn’t received the same amount of attention from people with regard to security. Nobody in their right mind would think of using a desktop computer for regular browsing and email without even installing an anti virus and anti spyware, yet people continue to use their mobile phones out of the box or worse, root their devices and give special privileges to programs.

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Next is that the lack of attention for mobile security is compounded by the fact that the number of mobile users have already exceeded the number of desktop users by a significant margin. This means more and more people are using their mobile for things that used to be the exclusive domain of desktop PCs, and that there is now more incentive for hackers and cyber criminals to target mobile instead of desktop: larger attack surface and less security.

Many websites these days are compromised not through the server itself, but through the person’s mobile. It doesn’t matter how robust a host’s security system is if the account was compromised because the owner logged in through a compromised phone. This is why Prestige Technologies takes mobile security seriously.

With more and more consumers all over the world choosing to buy things online and mobile manufacturers trying to come up with touchless payment methods (such as NFC, which is being targeted by Apple and Google), Prestige is choosing to push for security on their end and employing many security features that will counter malicious intrusions and malware attempts directed against websites, in order to help prevent its customers from being exposed to mobile security risks.

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