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Benefits of Linux Web Hosting

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Benefits of Linux Web HostingWhen it comes to web hosting, you usually get a choice between windows and linux web hosting. While there’s technically no difference between the two as far as the end result is concerned, there are a few reasons why Linux Web Hosting is a little bit better. The only disadvantage right now is that you can’t use frontpage extensions, but who uses frontpage these days? The benefits of linux web hosting, on the other hand, are numerous:


It all boils down to the fact that windows web hosting requires an installation of windows, which is commercial software that costs money, while linux web hosting requires an installation of any flavor of linux, which is free open source software. With the former, the host has to buy an OS, which means they have to pass that cost on to consumers who wish to use windows hosting. So in general, linux web hosting is usually cheaper than windows web hosting.

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Choosing Cloud Web Hosting for Your Business

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

cloud web hostingNot many people realize that they’ve been taking advantage for cloud web hosting in their normal online activities, but it’s true. Many of the free services they use – such as webmail, social networks, and even free file storage – are already hosted on the cloud. However, many businesses with online extensions are still unable to take advantage of true cloud web hosting. This is because the hosting services they use don’t really use a cloud model.

Many hosting companies, particularly those still dealing with legacy hardware, tend to host their clients’ websites on server farms that have specific servers allotted per account. In the past, this is advantageous as clients can expect a 1:1 service, where they are basically renting an entire rack of servers for their website. But when the industry finally learned how to apply the cloud model, there were no more reasons why companies shouldn’t opt for cloud web hosting.

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Make Money with Reseller WebHosting

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Make Money with Reseller WebHostingMost people believe that web hosting is a money sink, and that you have to either monetize a website or use it as an extension of a business in order to recoup all the time and money you’re going to invest. Reseller webhosting changes all that, as it proves that you can actually make money off web hosting even if you’re not monetizing your website.

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What is Reseller Webhosting?

Reseller webhosting essentially works much like affiliate marketing, where you act as a middleman and sell a web host’s plans and packages to people. Payment for reseller webhosting usually comes in the form of commissions per sale, but there are companies that provide compensation “per eyeball,” which means you get a small amount everytime you refer someone who goes to their site and checks out their services. (more…)