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You Need Responsive Landing Pages

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

You Need Responsive Landing Pages
Use Landing Pages with your email marketing campaigns!
So by now we all have read countless articles about Responsive Design, an approach to web creation that uses flexible layouts, images, and cascading style sheet media queries. It detects users’ screen sizes and mobile-device orientations and changes the layout accordingly using the same content and the same URL.

Mobile is a delivery mechanism through which your users devour content and take action. Marketers must deliver relevant subject matter if they want consumers to open their emails and click-through them.

However, your subscriber’s experience should not end with your email. It should continue onto the landing page. In many emails the entire point is to drive users to the landing page. In order to get your subscriber to act, you need to make the call-to-action clear; and even if your email is easy to interact with, if your landing page is not, your subscriber may lose interest. A loss of their attention can have a negative impact on your brand.

Your customers should never have to work to read your email. And guess what – most will not.

Did you know almost 50% percent of mobile device users say difficulties in viewing various non-responsive landing pages and websites are the main reason for leaving the page? Fifty percent of Google searches are done from mobile devices, (Google recently updated their search algorithm to benefit mobile-friendly web pages).

With responsive landing pages, your well-crafted calls-to-action are preserved. Responsive design landing pages adapt screen resolution for all devices, while providing long-term flexibility and meeting the needs of a wider audience.

Research shows that a mobile-specific landing page is a unique and simple landing page designed for mobile advertising. It incorporates all conversion best practices for hand-held devices and usually is hosted on a separate domain — ( The main goal of a mobile campaign is typically a call or an app download. However, user needs are changing and recent studies have shown mobile is being used as a research tool for top-of-the-funnel users.

Studies have found that responsive design significantly impacts your conversion rates. Sticking with nonresponsive design is costing you money.

So if you design a responsive email that goes to a nonresponsive landing page, your customers will not continue any further. You do not want your customers having to deal with a landing page that requires them to zoom, scroll, and become frustrated. Making your email and landing pages responsive will provide a positive user experience for your customers, no matter what type of device they are using. Go all in, and make all your digital resources responsive. This will increase your conversion rates and your sales.

Landing pages have limitless uses and landing pages should be used for all your email marketing campaign needs, but remember to match your message, in other words make sure your landing page reinforces the messaging presented on the link that was clicked to reach the page.

Be sure that people who fill out your landing page form can actually access the offer on a mobile device. Make your content mobile-friendly, and make sure the form on your landing page matches the goal you have for the page.

Don’t wait – become RESPONSIVE TODAY!

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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

Friday, May 1st, 2015

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

Google Mobile Search Ranking Update

Build Responsively


That is the name many search engine professionals use to refer to Google’s new algorithm intended to reward mobile-friendly web pages. Google announced this algorithmic change so publishers could have time to make their websites mobile friendly. Well, the grace period is over, so … you need to react today! Google’s algorithm will take into account the mobile-friendliness of a website in deciding how high it appears in search results.

Research shows it can be anywhere from a few hours to more than 72-hours for Google to show web pages as mobile friendly. Since you now know this, it is imperative you make sure your most important pages are indexed as mobile friendly.

It is reported that websites not compatible with mobile devices will appear lower in Google search rankings. You cannot afford to ignore the adverse effects this could have on your revenue. Companies who are not ready need to rectify their situation.

According to Google’s numbers, about 50 percent of searches happen on mobile devices. However, the user experience is not as smooth as it is on desktops. Industry leaders know that by advancing the mobile web experience, Google makes its mobile search engine more pleasing.

It is crystal clear – your pages are either mobile friendly or they are not. Google recommends using its mobile-friendly URL testing tool to determine whether your site and pages are “Google-ready.”

This new technology will only impact mobile searchers and will have no impact on your desktop rankings. Also, this only impacts searches done on mobile smartphone devices, not tablets.

It should be noted that emails are also impacting SERPs (a search engine results page). Since mobile email opens have grown by 180% in three years, Google wants to take advantage of this increased engagement on mobile devices.

Remember, at the end of the day, relevancy is more important than merely addressing mobile algorithms. In other words, adjusting to the new mobile rules is a must, but there are additional elements your website needs to survive in this new era. Let us assist you.

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Recent WordPress Malware Highlights the Need for a Paid Webhost

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

If you’re on a WordPress site and you saw your search engine traffic suddenly dip to alarming levels, you might want to check if you’ve been using the Revslider plugin on your WP theme, and yes, it was Google that specifically blocked your site.

According to recent reports, Google has blacklisted over 11,00 WordPress domains and more than 100 thousand sites due to being affected by a new malware campaign from The malware was Javascript that was injected via a vulnerability found in the WordPress plugin RevSlider, which is used in many WordPress themes so many site owners don’t even know that they are using the plugin.

The issue highlights the need for a paid webhost, for a number of reasons:

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Are Hosting Providers Benefiting From the Mobile Commerce Boom?

Monday, December 29th, 2014

Forksquare map viewThese past few years, the prevalence of mobile devices have led to the rise of mobile commerce all over the globe, as more and more individuals started accessing the Internet and doing their online transactions over smartphones or tablets compared to desktops. This has prompted the need for mobile compatible websites, and many businesses have launched mobile versions of their sites or implemented dynamic layouts that ensure mobile users still get the best possible experience browsing the sites.

While a good number of businesses are starting to reap the rewards of targeting mobile users, it is surprising that mobile users seem to be left behind. For example, many hosting providers provide treat mobile and desktop versions of websites as the same, even though mobile sites need to have much faster caching and load times because the devices used to access them have a shortage of processing power.

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Prestige will Help You Cope Up with Perabyte

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

to be that a 10GB hard disk is considered overkill. Regular users at the time felt that they can’t possibly fill it up before it is time to replace the drive. However, now that digital distribution has been embraced by the movie, record, and games industry, the issue of how to fill up a hard disk – even 3 terabyte ones – has become elementary. Storage now has to keep up with data demands.

The picture is even worse in terms of enterprise data. The IDC estimates that an enterprise’s storage needs doubles every 18 months. That 1 GB storage your host is offering? It’s going to fill up very soon. Based on the IDC’s data and considering the long term purpose of websites these days, it’s not that farfetched for website owners to soon hit the perabyte wall.

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Top Three Reasons Why You Should be a Web Host Reseller

Friday, December 5th, 2014

The competition between web hosting businesses is only getting tighter as more and more companies get into the game. If you’re going to start on your own, it’s least likely that you will be able to attract the number of clients you need to attract. The key is to find the best web hosting giant out there who offers valuable services for a fraction of the price, and then to resell. If you’re still iffy about being a web hosting reseller, below are the reasons why you should jump into the bandwagon now.

1. Trustworthy companies like are offering bundled services that will make it attractive for your clients to buy web hosting services from you. They’re offering web content and website developing services that will surely put your client’s websites on the top ranks of Google and other search engines. This is because they already have the science of optimization figured out. Google ranks websites not just according to the relevance of the text in your website, but also according to the ratio of text and images found in the pages. It also latches onto keywords and codes used to make the website, so unless you’re willing to hire a team of expert web developers, you won’t be able to offer this enticing freebie.

2. It’s smarter for you to sell retail than to build Rome on your own. The giants in this business already exist. That means you will need a lot of money and manpower if you want to compete with them because their offers are too attractive, and they have already made their name. If you partner with, though, they can help you promote the goods by bundling it up with other topnotch web developing services. You won’t have to hire extra people just to support the “freebies” you’ve included in your bundle, and you won’t have to worry about client support because has got you covered.

3. Stability is the name of the game when you’re offering web hosting services. When you resell what a credible company has to offer, you’re in good hands. The clientele will keep on coming in. The word will spread that you’re offering high quality service at a reasonable price, with freebies to boot, and you’re on your way to success.
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What Website Owners Need to Know: Countries Where Your Sites Will Most Likely Be Banned

Thursday, November 27th, 2014

If you are the proud owner of a website with the intent to reach as many people as possible, you need to know that there are countries that are just not worth catering to because your site will most likely get banned and never reach its intended audience. Some of the more infamous examples include:

Saudi Arabia

Blocked website saudiSaudi Arabia is a rich country and its people have access to computers and the Internet, so it seems like a prime target if your site is monetized. However, you might find the battle to be somewhat akin to skating uphill as the country is still governed by laws that are rooted in religion and tradition. Communication is closely monitored, including Internet access. So if your site is hosted elsewhere and could promote values that run counter to their laws or religion, your site will get blocked.


Home to Cuban cigars and usually portrayed as a top holiday destination (particularly by wealthy celebrities,) Cube seems like it’s full of people who would be willing to look at commercial websites and maybe spend a little bit here and there. Even if there are people like that in Cuba, your site still won’t reach them because Cuba is a strict country under communist rule, where people are not allowed to write things that run counter to their principles. That includes the Internet, which is screened regularly in the country.


Iran’s government is based on religion and prohibits not just information against their government, but also those that could inspire alternative philosophies and lifestyles among its citizens. They have a national firewall the screens online content and its citizens aren’t even allowed to access Facebook, Google+, and Youtube, which means social media campaigns won’t work.

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Lessons From the Scariest Security Threats

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

One of the scariest security threats, particularly for companies who have a lot to lose in terms of finance and data, is what’s called Advanced Persistent Threats or APT. What makes it so much more scary than the average intrusion is that unlike the random hacking attempt, which is usually a hit-and-run because the perpetrators are scared of being traced and caught, APTs are highly sophisticated forms of cyber attacks that take a lot of time and careful planning on the side of the hackers, as they “settle in” on a network and mine sensitive corporate data for the long term.

By the time admins find out about APTs, it’s usually too late as too much data has already been compromised. In a lot of cases, the APTs are only found out when the hackers have already achieved their goal. Recent examples are the Target and Home Depot breaches, where the attacks were only found out after the perpetrators have already stolen billions of sensitive customer data and caused a big enough PR nightmare to get CEOs and CIOs fired.

Do not listen to upstart security professionals who thumb their nose and label APTs as just a marketing buzzword. It’s a dangerous (and financially ruinous) threat as outlined by the example above. However, the silver lining is that there are lessons to be learned from all the attention APTs have been getting as of late. Here are a few:

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You’re Always a Target

Many companies get hit by APTs easily because they think they’re not a target. They think they’re small, that there’s no money to be had in hacking them, that they’re not popular enough to be noticed, and that it’s simply not worth it for the hackers. But perpetrators of APTs don’t care. They know that all businesses strive for growth, and even small ones will “ripen” over time, so they watch out for new targets and get in early while the company still feels safe because they are “not worth the effort.” When the company grows and becomes large enough to warrant increased security, it’s already too late as the APTs have already got in.

Security Threats Aren’t Always Technologically Advanced

When it comes to security, meticulousness is imperative and no detail however small should be ignored. The tendency for some security experts, particularly in massively important cases like APTs, is to assume that the perpetrators are highly organized and have access to the best tools and skills needed for an attack, sometimes missing things right under their noses – like a disgruntled former employee who got elevated access after buddying up to a network administrator.

Prioritize Security Over Maintaining Operations

It’s not just APTs. All hackers love it when companies are so determined to maintain their operations that they won’t even entertain the idea of a few hours of business disruption for the sake of increased security. They would rather leave a few things untouched as long as it’s a low risk. One key example of this is password resets. It is important that all accounts in the network get their passwords reset regularly, but sometimes businesses choose to leave a few accounts untouched because changing them would disrupt operations (either because the account is used by an executive who doesn’t want to go through the trouble of remembering a new password, or because some automated workstations would need to be taken down in order to update their code for the new credentials.) These unchanged passwords could make all the work on security worthless, as hackers will have the proverbial keys to the kingdom when they get their hands on them.

Web Hosting Horror Stories of Our Clients Before They Moved to Prestige Technologies

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Web hosting horror stories are very common, mainly because poor choices made when looking for a reliable web host will only show signs of the problem once the user has already settled in with his or her own website and has already wasted several months’ worth in hosting fees. Here are a few examples of these web hosting horror stories, straight from people who eventually dropped their web hosts and moved to Prestige Technologies. Note that we’re not mentioning any individual names or companies as the point is not to put down competitors. Instead, we are shining the spotlight on the problems that you could encounter if you don’t do your homework when choosing a web host:

Website Is Down For Two Days Due to a Blizzard

One of our clients used to have an account with a web hosting provider that offered extremely cheap rates on unlimited bandwidth and storage plans. However, it would seem that there is a catch, and the user was only made aware of it when a blizzard hit a city that had the provider’s datacentre. His website went down immediately and stayed down for two whole days, mainly because all of the web host’s servers are located in a single place and there are no redundancies in place to account for disasters. In an era where two hours of downtime is already disastrous, two whole days of downtime could translate to loss of traffic and in the case of large businesses – thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

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How to Find a Reliable Web Host

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

If you are about to start a website, finding a reliable web host is of utmost importance regardless of whether you’re going to use it for a business or a personal website. The problem is that many users tend to go for the cheapest one available, only to regret their decision later on as they are saddled with poor uptime, slow loading speeds, draconian TOS, and even poor security. In order to avoid this sad scenario, you need to know how to look for a reliable website through the following techniques:

Look for User Reviews on Third Party Websites

It’s understandable if you’re skeptical of feedback and user reviews on a web host’s own website. After all, they have everything to gain by controlling the tone of feedback (and in worst case scenarios, completely fabricating them.) So if you want to know about a web host, what you want to look for is feedback and reviews on sites that are not affiliated with them – whether it’s blogs, or review sites or IT news pages – all you need is a search engine and a little bit of time wading through user reviews.

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Check If Their Promises Are Reasonable

Sometimes it’s easy to spot the kind of web hosts that you need to avoid – all you need to do is look at their claims and see if it’s within the realm of possibility. If you see a web host offering no downtimes or 100% uptime, then you’ve found yourself a company that is offering promises that they can’t keep. Servers need to come down from time to time because of maintenance, patching, and yes – even the occasional hitches and hardware failure. It’s simply not within the realm of possibility to provide 100% uptime. What you need to look for are those that provide the least amount of downtime.

Look for Customizable Packages

A reliable web host should be able to offer its users customizable packages instead of locking them in plans that might not be enough for their needs or might be too much for their needs and budget. You might want to dig deeper and actually contact their support, because some web hosts might not offer customized packages but are willing to provide one to users when asked. Definitely a plus in this case as it shows that the company prioritizes users over company protocol.

24/7 Customer Support

This should be a given. It doesn’t matter how reliable their servers are or how robust their infrastructure is. Part of overall reliability is knowing that you have someone to contact if you ever need help with their services, and that there’s no time in the day where you’re going to be left on your own (because problems don’t occur exclusively during office hours.)

Find a Host That Will Accommodate Your Future Needs

This is something that is frequently missed by many webmasters. They’re so fixiated on finding the best deals in web hosting packages that they fail to consider the fact that their needs are going to change in the future. Most likely scenario is that their storage and bandwidth needs will increase, only to realize that their web host only has a cheap starter package, with the next plans being way too expensive as an upgrade. So before you sign up with a host, make sure you check if you can scale your plan up without incurring unnecessary expenses.