Will Domain Names and Web Hosting Affect My Business?

When it comes to building a presence online, different businesses will require different approaches and there’s no generic template for how to go about things. However, there is one advise that remains true for any business if they want to avoid problems down the line: get a domain name and paid web hosting.

It’s natural for businesses to try and seek cost-savings wherever it may appear applicable, and the number of free hosting services can be appealing having your own but domain name and paid web hosting (or its absence) will affect your business significantly due to the following reasons:

User Experience

User experience is arguably one of the most important factors when it comes to your business website, because it’s a hotline to the customers. If your website loads slow or is frequently unavailable because free hostings don’t really provide true unlimited bandwidth, you have unsatisfied customers. That’s bad for your business and your company’s brand.

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Search Engine Optimization

The main purpose of setting up a business website in the first place – getting found on the internet, will be a steep uphill battle if you don’t have a domain name nor a dedicated host. This is because search engines listing prioritize websites that have their own domain names over ones that are on subdomains – which is the only kind of URL that you’re going to get if you go with free hosting. You’ll find it difficult to place anywhere in the first few pages of a search engine result. You may even end up losing to a random website that uses a domain name relevant to your niche, even if the content on said website is subpar.


In any industry, especially if you’re running a business, you can’t expect to get anything more than what you were willing to pay for. This is worth remembering when it comes to security. Free hosting services are frequent targets for hackers because they know that the hosts usually don’t have enough manpower, budget, and sometimes even intent to get the latest and best in security measures. So if you choose to build your website on a free web host, you’re putting the security of your business in the hands of that kind of company, and when the worst happens, you don’t have any right to complain because you didn’t pay for anything.

Last But Not the Least: Branding and Reputation

Think of this: would you trust a large company that doesn’t even have its own office? What kind of service would you expect from a service provider that runs its operations on a dingy stall at the alleyway when its competitors have their own commercial office space? The same thing applies on the Internet. Using free hosting services and subdomains for your business website tells customers not to expect much from your company. This is an issue of reputation and credibility here, and really – when large companies regularly move heaven and earth while spending thousands of dollars just to avoid tarnishing their image due to a PR blunder, why would you tarnish yours just to save a few bucks every month?

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