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All The Facts You Need to Know About Mobile Marketing

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

This year, mobile users have already surpassed the amount of PC users, not even counting the fact that PC users who have a mobile device will go mobile most of the time due to the convenience the device offers. It stands to reason that any marketer who wishes to keep up with the industry must devote some time to targeting mobile. In order to help you with that, here are the facts that you need to know about mobile marketing:

Mobile Users Exhibit Brand Loyalty

Consumers are starting to spend more and more time on their smartphones and tablets compared to their PCs, but for the most part they are still gravitating towards brands that they favored on the PC – this means they still search on Google even when mobile, they still access Facebook over more mobile-targeted social networks, and even the ailing Yahoo managed to capture a decent market share on mobile.

The Shift to Mobile Means Loss in Traditional Ad Revenue

Despite mobile users outnumbering desktop ones, online advertising companies are finding out that their revenue has gone down once people shifted to mobile use. The main reason for this is more technical than behavioural – mobile devices simply have less screen real estate devoted to advertising. When the actual content of a page barely fits on a smartphone’s screen, you can bet that people will prioritize that over the banners or sidebar ads.

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One thing that mobile marketers need to do is design their campaigns based on this limitation. Instead of launching ad campaigns that compete for screen real estate with the actual content, why not do what companies do in some movies and have product placements? An ad banner on a mobile device might get shunned (or blocked entirely) but your product being used by a game character or your logo being part of an app cannot be ignored without sacrificing the content they came for. The idea is no longer to force your brand on people, but to find ways how to squeeze it in their lives. (more…)