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Looking Back and Moving Forward

Friday, January 30th, 2009

We hope you had a fantastic Holiday Season and wish you the best in 2009.

We thank you for your business, continued support, and loyalty. During the past year, we have enthusiastically worked toward improving existing services, keeping you abreast of the latest technological advancements, and bringing you new services.

As we begin yet another year together, Prestige Technologies is enthusiastic about the promise of automating solution and marketing. In a time of resolutions and promises, Prestige Technologies resolve is simple: to give you the trust, education, and tools you need to become better businesses.

Prestige Technologies has experienced many great moments during the past year and we realize the importance of reflecting upon our accomplishments, none of which could have accomplished without you, and sharing our future goals. Below are just a few of the highlights that made 2008 a wonderful year in which to serve your technology needs.We focused on three key areas:

StabilityDeeper insight: We have heard you loud and clear – our billing system was too cumbersome and confusing. Our support system needed a separate login to access tickets. Repeat invoices were being sent and were not clearly defined. Where was the ability to manage domains? We updated our billing, support, and Domain Management system so they are all tied into one easy to access location. The email addresses you use to receive your messages will be your login, to the new system. Here you will see your billing history; as well as have the ability to recreate any invoice, check the status on an open ticket, check the history of closed tickets, register new domains, transfer domains, and be reminded of when these domains are up for renewal – 30 days in advance. Automating solutions is our goal.

Stability: One of our major projects this year was building a stronger foundation for you. We had some downtime during the past year, and we appreciate your patience. We built a more redundant backbone and replication of all data. We added eight ISP providers in case one line goes down. What does this mean? With our stronger foundation you can count on being up 99.9%-to-100% of the time. Keeping you running 24/7 is our goal.

More Tools: As the internet grows, so does your competition on the internet. We heard your requests to add more tools. We went a step further – the tools we added are FREE. Here is a list of some we added:

  • CMS Manager
  • Website Builder
  • Ecommerce Manager
  • Help Desk Manager
  • Ads Manager
  • E-Cards Manager
  • Blogs Manager
  • Polls Manager
  • Forums Manager
  • Photo Gallery Manager
  • Calendar Manager
  • Web Data Manager

The aforementioned are all auto install packages, which can be installed directly from your Secure Hosting Panel under the tools menu.  We didn’t stop at just these 3 areas though!



SupportMore, More, More Support: We added increased support so we will be available to you 24/7.

  • With our new support system you will get a response within five minutes that your query is in queue. Depending on the level of difficulty the ticket will have a resolution within four hours. Tickets will be completely resolved within 72 hrs.
  • We have added FREE email support.
  • We have added LIVE CHAT which can be located on the homepage of all our websites.
  • We have added Enterprise Level support for our Partners to contact us directly anytime – day or night.

Partner Programs: Many of you have asked how you can partner with us and provide our solutions to your clients. We have added an affiliate program directly tied to our support system. All you need is your email address to login. You can start earning right away. Everything is tracked in your panel and can be paid out using the withdrawal feature. Contact your Account Manager to get signed up today and start earning 25% recurring income, for the life of the account.



Now, you may be asking yourselves, what is next?  The answer to that question is simple, Automation!   We have set our sights on meeting and surpassing the past year’s accomplishments.  We are very excited about the future and the many services we will be able to offer you in 2009. V4
February will mark the launch of the New Emercury Panel. In 2009, Emercury will have the ability to handle 1.5 million emails an hour! With our new engine we will be able to provide 99% deliverability along with this speed. In addition, we will be able to lower your soft bounce rate and further reduce your hard bounces. We also addressed your complaints about how difficult the panel is for Emercury. So, we have updated the panel to make it easier to navigate. Our current UI team worked on the Yahoo mail system and we have brought that ease-of-use to Emercury.

Email Marketing
Some of our subscribers may have noticed an increase in the amount of education they are receiving, in their inboxes from Prestige Technologies and Emercury. We have added a full time content writer who has been providing you with updates, about the latest technology. We practice what we preach. Since we have implemented this change we have noticed site visits increased 300%. Email marketing works when you are doing it right. In fact, for every dollar you spend on Email Marketing you will see a return of $46.80.

What are we going to do for you during these tough times? We are selecting several of our existing customers and providing email marketing for them for free to show you it works. We will be posting the results on our site. Stay tuned. Interested in trying? Contact us at

MS Exchange Email Hosting
What is Exchange hosting? This will give you the ability to synchronize your calendars in real time and have a complete synchronization of your inbox, outbox, or any folders you may create under your account. Yes that is right, if you update your mobile device it will be simultaneously updated with your Outlook on your desktop, in your office. This will launch during our first quarter of 2009. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for free please contact us at

Lead GenerationLead Generation
Part of our plan is to develop websites that will generate leads for your company. This year we will be focusing on one of our major partner areas and creating a Lead Generation site for them. The site will send leads for web design and web development. Are you a web designer and interested in beta test? Please contact to find out more.

In addition, each site will have S.E.O. built in to drive traffic through the major search engines. After building the lead generation site for our partners, we will then be offering this solution for your businesses. Product Improvement
Prestige Technologies will continue to improve our existing products and post all our new products, on our product page.

  • Email marketing – Emercury
  • Continuing Education System – PT.EDU
  • Registration System – PT.REG
  • Ecommerce Systems – PT.CART
  • CMS (Content Management) Systems – PT.CMS
  • Real Estate Manager – REMXchange
  • Livery Systems – Livery Express

We are in beta testing with our own voice over IP solution for small businesses. Existing companies make you purchase equipment and the cost is extremely high. Our new system will allow you to have one phone or as many as you need. All you will be doing is adding a new plan. What is the cost? Our expected cost per seat will be $24.95 a month. If you are interested in beta testing, please contact us at We are expected to launch by the third quarter, of 2009.

We have great news. We have just signed a partnership with Glacial Energy to provide you with lower energy costs – up to 20%. If you are consuming energy then you cannot pass up this offer. Interested in knowing more? Please email us at



GoalWe here at Prestige Technologies are not just concerned with the immediate future, we want you to know, you can rely on us for the long haul.  So, what are some of the things we are planning for 2010?

Our ultimate goal is to keep you running 24/7 and automating your solutions. The result will be increased sales with less work and more organization. Doesn’t that sound great?

Here is our plan:

We want to provide a Turn-Key solution with all the applications we have created for you.

All our solutions will tie into each other. We will be creating an enterprise edition where you can purchase single products or a whole solution for your business.

  • Domain Registration
  • Web Site Hosting
  • Ecommerce Solution
  • Shipping
  • Billing
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support (PT.VOIP)
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Lead Generation
  • Reporting and Tracking

Our solution keep your company running 24/7, so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Prestige Technologies will be hitting the “refresh button” in 2009 and we would love to hear from you! Please email, and share your fresh ideas about what you would like to see, and how we can make things easier for you.

*Did You Know – Simply unplugging your unused electronics will reduce your environmental footprint and energy bill. Please take the quiz and calculate your footprint —

Is Mobile Really The Next Best Thing?

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Is It Really The Next Best Thing?

Back to work already?  Yes, the holidays are over, still many of us are dragging ourselves around as if we are expecting another day off.  Sorry, but it is back to business as usual.  So, take a seat in front of your computer read this article and take a look at what 2009 has in store for you.

If you are one of those people who like to keep in step with the latest developments in technology, you will be rewarded by this article, and if not, it will keep your mind off of the post holiday blues for a minute or two.

Let us take a look at mobile phones.  What new features will be offered to us this year?  According to Lyris, HQ, “Email marketing on mobile phones has been hovering like either fate or opportunity, depending on how you view it.”

Yes, email marketing on those little gadgets we call mobile phones will be a standard feature in many of our mobile plans.  According to the Pew Internet Project, “58% of adult Americans have used a cell phone or personal digital assistant to do at least one of ten mobile non-voice data activities, such as texting, emailing, taking a picture, looking for maps or directions, or recording video.”  What exactly does this mean?

Simply put, more than half of Americans are using their cell phones for purposes other than talking.  Email marketing seems to be the next logical step, or is it?  Along, with new advancement come new rules and restrictions.  So what will be some of the limitations of mobile email marketing?

Well, the first limitation should be obvious for anyone with a cell phone and a computer — SCREEN SIZE.  The viewing pane will be much smaller and therefore, your messages will need to be more precise with less data.  What does this mean — less words, less pictures, less URL’s – you get the idea.

Secondly, you will need to be brief, because messages in excess of a certain size, something as small as 12KB, may be cut off.  Again, you will be faced with a decision to shorten or entirely cut out information potential customers may find of interest.

Lastly, you should ask yourselves this question, do you need your audience to visit your website directly after viewing the email marketing message you sent?  If so, you may be disappointed.  According to Lyris, HQ, “If you have to send readers to your site to get the most value from your email marketing, better make sure it will also render on their devices.”

In short, mobile email marketing presents a wonderful opportunity to — you guessed it — remain mobile.  If you are concerned that your targeted audience is always on the go and will not receive your email marketing messages, this may be of interest to you. Otherwise, if your targeted audience is stationary, stick to conventional email marketing, the window of opportunity is much larger!

*Did You Know – you can check if your website is mobile friendly at: