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Keep Your Story Simple and Inspire Action

Friday, September 27th, 2013
We have websites so we can communicate with our customers, prospects, and partners. We have websites to tell our story. The objective of telling our story is straightforward – to deliver our message to the user, while making sure the message is understood and inspires action.

An attractive, well-conceived design is a great idea, but there is only one thing that matters — conversion. Every website built should be done so to generate new leads, to promote products, and to sell services.

Sometimes a single page website is a wonderful, cost-efficient solution. It is more focused than a standard website and more professional than a simple landing page. Bounce rates tend to be lower on single page sites. This is because there is nothing to confuse you. It is just the visitor and the primary objective of why the website was designed. Because the website has a more effective layout and flow, the bounce rates are going to be reflected by enticing visitors to stay longer.

It can be offensive to only share a landing page with others because it can be obvious you are after their information and money. Instead, communicate a compelling tale and a good experience. A single page design makes it possible for anyone to have a website that looks great and gets results.

While a single page layout option can lead to continual scrolling, using modern standards and techniques such as CSS3 can offer a method of simply giving information as required.

The idea a website can be created with just one page may appear odd, but with everyone shifting towards simplicity and ease of use, single page web designs have become a feasible option. Designs with multiple pages always will be needed for certain clients, but there are a number of advantages to consider with the single page website (however, keep in mind constructing a site that is independent takes getting used to, and involves careful planning.

Research shows single page designs have advantages:

No page refresh when navigating the site

Content is quicker and more responsive than having to go to a new page

Only have to maintain one web page

You can focus on just one high-quality design

Google PageRank applies to the whole site

Distinction from other websites can leave an impression on site visitors

Preferred solution for web apps designed for Mobile


Potentially large file size of the page

A requirement for scripting or CSS3 support

More time, thought, and creativity are needed to be able to fit everything in one page

Page can take longer to load depending on content

Bottom line, you cannot please all users who visit you online. Single page websites can be accessible and usable, but there will be situations where a single page site is not the correct answer – for example, an ecommerce site would not be able to employ a single page web design successfully because of content.

The single page website is worthy of your consideration because the need for compact sites and web applications will increase in the age of mobile, which is where we now reside. Single page layouts can be made to look unique, and in the ever-evolving world of technology being informed and open to new strategies is the only way to survive.

Did You Know? The term single-page application was coined by Steve Yen in 2005, though the concept was discussed at least as early as 2003 and Stuart Morris wrote the Self-Contained website with the same goals and functions in 2002.

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Business Website Hosting SEO

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Business Website Hosting SEOBusiness Website Hosting is one of the most important factors to consider if you want to build an online presence and another communication channel for your business, but equally important is SEO, because even the best business website hosting won’t do much if you have poor or no visibility on search engines.

Does Website Hosting Affect SEO?

Contrary to common belief, the web host you choose does play into your SEO strategy. Technically, choosing the right hosting company is not a 100% guarantee that you’ll be getting a boost in search engine rankings, but at the very least it means you can avoid the consequences of being saddled with a poor host. Make no mistake about it, a bad web hosting company will do a lot of damage to your search rankings, due to the following reasons:

Site Loading Speeds

Google has already publicly admitted that the loading speed of a website factors in when their search engine ranks websites, on the basis that users will most likely not appreciate being sent to sites that take a long time to load. Remember that a search engine’s job is to point users to websites that they want, and an unresponsive website doesn’t exactly meet the criteria, relevant content or not. (more…)

Student Web Hosting Guide

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

student web hosting guideMajor universities usually provide free student web hosting for individuals enrolled in their institutions. Technically, there is nothing wrong with this, as it’s free. But students will eventually find out that the hosting is so limited that there’s really nothing useful to do with it.

Limitations for Student Hosting

Limited Bandwidth

For starters, it’s usually hosted on school servers alongside other students’ sites, so bandwidth is definitely not in abundance.

Limited Content

Additionally, the universities have very strict policies on what you can put in them, so you can’t have full control over your content. If you want true free student web hosting, you have to strike out on your own and build your site using third party services.


Losing Your Contents

Once you graduate, your free account goes away. Your content goes away. Yes, you may always save it in the cloud but that would mean uploading everything again. (more…)

Can Budget Web Hosting Affect SEO?

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Can Budget Web Hosting Affect SEO?It’s understandable that budget web hosting can be appealing to webmasters who want to make a profit online, especially because web hosting is a recurring expense for their business. But there is a caveat – budget web hosting can actually affect a website’s search engine rankings.

There’s nothing really alarming as the effects are nowhere near as bad as being outright flagged and “Google-slapped,” but people who want to make the most out of their websites when it comes to exposure should keep in mind that budget web hosting will affect your SEO efforts through the following things:

Page Speed

One of the things that cheap web hosts usually skimp on is bandwidth. They either throttle or shape the bandwidth of their servers, resulting in slow page loading, especially now that the size of files on the web has gone up. Unfortunately, speed has become an even more important factor for people especially as more and more of them have gotten high bandwidth Internet accounts. According to studies, 40% of people will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

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Most Dangerous Website Vulnerabilities

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Most Dangerous Website VulneabilitiesAs more and more real-world functions and activities start to make their way to the web – from shopping, to socialization, and even work – the issue of web security becomes even more important. Websites spring up by the thousands every day, and technologies behind them get developed on an equally rapid velocity. HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, CGI, and other web standards continue to get developed. Security is always paramount, but as they get complex, certain vulnerabilities manage to creep up, resulting in vulnerabilities in the websites themselves. Here are the most dangerous of them:

Denial of Service

Denial of Service (DoS) is one of the most mainstream web vulnerabilities right now, thanks in part to the large number of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks launched against major websites (ranging from government websites to file sharing websites and even celebrity sites) these past few years.

DoS work by overwhelming a web server’s available system resources, such as CPU, disk space, memory, and bandwidth by flooding said server through the use of a single client flooding it, or multiple clients (through a botnet), which is termed as a Distributed Denial of Service Attack.

What makes DoS vulnerabilities especially dangerous is that it can be done even by people with limited technical knowledge (and in fact, there are hackers right now offering DDoS attacks for a fee).

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The Importance of a Domain Host in SEO

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

importance of a domain host in SEOWhen it comes to SEO, webmasters tend to focus too much on in-page optimization that they forget that the domain host itself is a factor, and a powerful one at that. In fact, having a good domain host and choosing the right domain name will usually give you a running start, as far as getting decent search engine placements for your pages is concerned.

First Things First: Why You Need a Top Level Domain Name

Back in the late 90s, when the Internet was still young, having a top-level domain name is not important and in fact, webmasters enjoyed using a subdomain, as cliques tend to form and they use umbrella domains to house different sites. However, a few years later (or a decade later), subdomains started being seen as amateurish, as a webmaster’s lack of investment on his own domain name signify a lack of commitment. This prompted ad networks to reject sites that don’t have their own domain name, which further snowballed into webmasters themselves considering subdomains to be useless (mainly because of the belief that you can’t make money off them).

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This brings us to today, where having your own domain name is pretty much a requisite if you want your website to be taken seriously, and most especially if you want your website to be profitable. However, simply having a domain name is not enough if you want to be visible on search engine results. (more…)