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A Quick Look at Mobile Security Development this Year

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

Computer SecuritySince companies and even schools have allowed employees and students to bring their own devices to access online information in their institutions, people have become a bit more concerned about how secure their device operating systems are. After all, an unsecured system can pose a personal threat to, let’s say, someone who has all his medical information on his mobile device. To date, Apple’s iPad and iPhone are the favorites among companies with very strict policies when it comes to BYOD. This is because Apple has the most user-friendly interface, allowing mobile owners to more easily manage the content they’re willing to broadcast, share on iCloud, or keep privately in their phones.

Last year, Apple already made gigantic changes in its iOS7, with very little to add to its upgraded iOS8 this year. However, among the additions was the limitation of what can be transported to the iCloud, Apple’s online information vault. iOS8 no longer allows medical information to be imported to the iCloud, which means that if it is wiped out from the phone, it is gone forever. If company policies have disallowed iTunes, it cannot be imported there either. This is a huge disadvantage to some users, and despite the obvious security reasons behind the change, some users are a bit iffy about the shorted leash.

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Are Hosting Providers Benefiting From the Mobile Commerce Boom?

Monday, December 29th, 2014

Forksquare map viewThese past few years, the prevalence of mobile devices have led to the rise of mobile commerce all over the globe, as more and more individuals started accessing the Internet and doing their online transactions over smartphones or tablets compared to desktops. This has prompted the need for mobile compatible websites, and many businesses have launched mobile versions of their sites or implemented dynamic layouts that ensure mobile users still get the best possible experience browsing the sites.

While a good number of businesses are starting to reap the rewards of targeting mobile users, it is surprising that mobile users seem to be left behind. For example, many hosting providers provide treat mobile and desktop versions of websites as the same, even though mobile sites need to have much faster caching and load times because the devices used to access them have a shortage of processing power.

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Prestige will Help You Cope Up with Perabyte

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

to be that a 10GB hard disk is considered overkill. Regular users at the time felt that they can’t possibly fill it up before it is time to replace the drive. However, now that digital distribution has been embraced by the movie, record, and games industry, the issue of how to fill up a hard disk – even 3 terabyte ones – has become elementary. Storage now has to keep up with data demands.

The picture is even worse in terms of enterprise data. The IDC estimates that an enterprise’s storage needs doubles every 18 months. That 1 GB storage your host is offering? It’s going to fill up very soon. Based on the IDC’s data and considering the long term purpose of websites these days, it’s not that farfetched for website owners to soon hit the perabyte wall.

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Try Prestige Technologies Free 6 Months Hosting

Monday, December 8th, 2014

When it comes to building a website – whether it’s for personal or business use – the web hosting is one of the things that you need to sort out first before even thinking of other things. This is because poor choice in hosting early on will affect how your website performs for both you and your audience later on, and migrating to a different host months after getting your website set up can be difficult and the attrition rate will be high if you’re under the wrong host.

Fortunately, here at Prestige Technologies, we are very confident that our web hosting services are exactly the thing that you need, that we’re willing to let people try it out at literally no cost. If you don’t want any risks while shopping around for a web host, Prestige offers:

6 months of web hosting for free.

And by free, we mean it – there’s no set up fee, no monthly fee for the duration of the trial, unlimited storage and bandwidth and you can sign up for the trial without any need for a credit card. This way, you can be sure that you won’t be charged for things you didn’t sign up for, and you can easily walk away if you are unsatisfied.

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Top Three Reasons Why You Should be a Web Host Reseller

Friday, December 5th, 2014

The competition between web hosting businesses is only getting tighter as more and more companies get into the game. If you’re going to start on your own, it’s least likely that you will be able to attract the number of clients you need to attract. The key is to find the best web hosting giant out there who offers valuable services for a fraction of the price, and then to resell. If you’re still iffy about being a web hosting reseller, below are the reasons why you should jump into the bandwagon now.

1. Trustworthy companies like are offering bundled services that will make it attractive for your clients to buy web hosting services from you. They’re offering web content and website developing services that will surely put your client’s websites on the top ranks of Google and other search engines. This is because they already have the science of optimization figured out. Google ranks websites not just according to the relevance of the text in your website, but also according to the ratio of text and images found in the pages. It also latches onto keywords and codes used to make the website, so unless you’re willing to hire a team of expert web developers, you won’t be able to offer this enticing freebie.

2. It’s smarter for you to sell retail than to build Rome on your own. The giants in this business already exist. That means you will need a lot of money and manpower if you want to compete with them because their offers are too attractive, and they have already made their name. If you partner with, though, they can help you promote the goods by bundling it up with other topnotch web developing services. You won’t have to hire extra people just to support the “freebies” you’ve included in your bundle, and you won’t have to worry about client support because has got you covered.

3. Stability is the name of the game when you’re offering web hosting services. When you resell what a credible company has to offer, you’re in good hands. The clientele will keep on coming in. The word will spread that you’re offering high quality service at a reasonable price, with freebies to boot, and you’re on your way to success.
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Website Tips: Secured Messaging Platforms

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

If you use Skype, Facebook chat, Whatsapp or any other Instant Messaging platforms on a regular basis, you might want to look for a more secure alternative. It goes double if you actually talk about things that require privacy. This is because the EFF evaluated 39 of the most popular messaging applications to date and found all of them wanting, unable to protect the user from the government’s ever-watchful eyes.

The EFF did recommend a few digital communications that are truly safe and secure due to the use of secure and “usable crypto.” These EFF-recommended tools include:

1. ChatSecure + Orbot (free, iOS and Android)
2. CryptoCat (free, iOS and Web-browsers)
3. Signal / RedPhone (iOS and Android)
4. Silent Phone (paid, iOS and Android)
5. Silent Text (paid, iOS and Android)
6. TextSecure (Android)
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The qualities that the EFF were looking for include the ability to encrypt data on transit, encryption that will make it so that the provider can’t read messages, the ability to verify contacts’ identities, secure past communications in the event of stolen keys, code that’s open to independent review, proper documentation, and audited code.

All the popular communication tools like Facebook chat, Google Hangouts, Skype, and WhatsApp failed all of EFF’s requirements except for encryption in transit and audited code. The exception is Skype, which failed audited code but passed the requirement for encryption so that the provider can’t read messages.

EFF’s findings and recommendations is especially important after Edward Snowden’s revelations, and should be taken seriously by people who value their privacy and don’t want any third party – government or not – snooping around their communications.