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You Need Responsive Landing Pages

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

You Need Responsive Landing Pages
Use Landing Pages with your email marketing campaigns!
So by now we all have read countless articles about Responsive Design, an approach to web creation that uses flexible layouts, images, and cascading style sheet media queries. It detects users’ screen sizes and mobile-device orientations and changes the layout accordingly using the same content and the same URL.

Mobile is a delivery mechanism through which your users devour content and take action. Marketers must deliver relevant subject matter if they want consumers to open their emails and click-through them.

However, your subscriber’s experience should not end with your email. It should continue onto the landing page. In many emails the entire point is to drive users to the landing page. In order to get your subscriber to act, you need to make the call-to-action clear; and even if your email is easy to interact with, if your landing page is not, your subscriber may lose interest. A loss of their attention can have a negative impact on your brand.

Your customers should never have to work to read your email. And guess what – most will not.

Did you know almost 50% percent of mobile device users say difficulties in viewing various non-responsive landing pages and websites are the main reason for leaving the page? Fifty percent of Google searches are done from mobile devices, (Google recently updated their search algorithm to benefit mobile-friendly web pages).

With responsive landing pages, your well-crafted calls-to-action are preserved. Responsive design landing pages adapt screen resolution for all devices, while providing long-term flexibility and meeting the needs of a wider audience.

Research shows that a mobile-specific landing page is a unique and simple landing page designed for mobile advertising. It incorporates all conversion best practices for hand-held devices and usually is hosted on a separate domain — ( The main goal of a mobile campaign is typically a call or an app download. However, user needs are changing and recent studies have shown mobile is being used as a research tool for top-of-the-funnel users.

Studies have found that responsive design significantly impacts your conversion rates. Sticking with nonresponsive design is costing you money.

So if you design a responsive email that goes to a nonresponsive landing page, your customers will not continue any further. You do not want your customers having to deal with a landing page that requires them to zoom, scroll, and become frustrated. Making your email and landing pages responsive will provide a positive user experience for your customers, no matter what type of device they are using. Go all in, and make all your digital resources responsive. This will increase your conversion rates and your sales.

Landing pages have limitless uses and landing pages should be used for all your email marketing campaign needs, but remember to match your message, in other words make sure your landing page reinforces the messaging presented on the link that was clicked to reach the page.

Be sure that people who fill out your landing page form can actually access the offer on a mobile device. Make your content mobile-friendly, and make sure the form on your landing page matches the goal you have for the page.

Don’t wait – become RESPONSIVE TODAY!

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Monday, December 8th, 2014

When it comes to building a website – whether it’s for personal or business use – the web hosting is one of the things that you need to sort out first before even thinking of other things. This is because poor choice in hosting early on will affect how your website performs for both you and your audience later on, and migrating to a different host months after getting your website set up can be difficult and the attrition rate will be high if you’re under the wrong host.

Fortunately, here at Prestige Technologies, we are very confident that our web hosting services are exactly the thing that you need, that we’re willing to let people try it out at literally no cost. If you don’t want any risks while shopping around for a web host, Prestige offers:

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And by free, we mean it – there’s no set up fee, no monthly fee for the duration of the trial, unlimited storage and bandwidth and you can sign up for the trial without any need for a credit card. This way, you can be sure that you won’t be charged for things you didn’t sign up for, and you can easily walk away if you are unsatisfied.

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Create an Ad Banner That Will Be Clicked

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Everybody knows that Ad Banners these days are not as effective as they were a decade ago. Clickthrough rates have fallen and marketers are responding in a knee-jerk reaction, by creating spammy banners and shoving it in people’s faces as frequently as possible.

The main problem with said response is that it doesn’t address the issue: that people aren’t really interested in the ad banners – because they think it’s misleading, or an outright scam, or simply outside the scope of their interests. The proper approach to this problem is not to force or manipulate people into clicking, but just creating ad banners that will be clicked on. Here are a few guidelines on how you can do this:

Rely More on Text Instead of Visuals

Many banners these days don’t stand out because they’re filled with nothing but graphics and colors. Every other banner is like that. If you want a banner that stands out, add some text into it. This also has the benefit of giving you more space to say something about the product or service you’re advertising, making your ad more informative and attractive to people who want to know what they are clicking on.

Don’t Add a Price to Your Banners

People tend to have a preconceived notion about prices. There are people who are turned off by low prices, thinking that it means subpar quality while there are people who shun high prices because they want to save on costs. You can’t put a price on your ad banner without the risk of alienating one side or the other. So if you want your banner to be attractive to hold off on including the numbers.

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Measuring Storage Health

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

A large number of individuals tend to use server benchmarks in order to measure storage performance, and it seems to have caught on to the point where it has become a de facto standard. Not to say that server benchmarks aren’t without its uses, but it’s definitely not meant for measuring storage health, because it only measures the maximum performance of the server.

Additionally, in many of the cases where a server benchmark is used to measure storage performance, the server and OS used are not tuned or optimized, which meant that the storage itself isn’t being given the proper full load that it can handle. Ultimately, this makes the test worthless for measuring storage health because the true capabilities of the storage being tested are left on the table.

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In order to truly measure storage performance, the backend storage must be the sole target resource being measured, avoiding processor bottleneck. Being cpu-bottlenecked is a common case because storage arrays have the capacity to handle several heavy workloads from multiple servers at the same time. There is a need to use storage benchmarks designed by storage engineers themselves.

Harddisk-headTrue storage benchmarking tools measure storage health by giving a storage array a simulation of multiple workloads with blended patterns designed to reflect extremely heavy real world use. More complex storage benchmarks even use simulation of moving hot spots, skew, caching effects, and non-uniform access in order to truly provide the most accurate metrics related to storage health.

At the end of the day, it is important to use the right tool for the job. Server benchmarks – even the best ones – won’t do the job if what you need is measure the storage health. You need to use a storage benchmark that was specifically designed for measuring the performance of storage.

Innovative Web Design Solutions

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Let’s continue our discussion about Responsive Web Design — an innovative web design technique which allows websites to adapt their display to a variety of screen sizes and devices such as: widescreen desktop, tablet, and smartphones; and Mobile — a separate, stripped-down version of your main website.

Let’s compare the two

A mobile site is essentially a copy of someone’s website, where the server does the work to deliver an optimized page that is smaller and easier to navigate. This is a good choice when it might be too expensive to redesign responsively. In responsive design, the device does the work and automatically adjusts according to a device’s screen size (large or small) and orientation (landscape or portrait). It switches between these options. This is a great and flexible solution.

With a mobile site, you must create a different domain (most companies differentiate by using “”). This can add to website management because you have to maintain two separate areas of content. Responsive design allows you to keep your own domain, nothing changes except code on the back-end. Maintaining a single shared site preserves a canonical URL avoiding any complicated redirects.

Mobile is not as good for searches because it uses a separate domain. Links shared from mobile browsers will not count as search link equity toward your primary site. Since responsive design embeds new code on the back-end of your website, your link equity is preserved.

Re-working a mobile site might be necessary to stay current with evolving phones and mobile browsers, and this could require higher maintenance costs. The technology is more progressive with responsive design because once added to the site it will work on next months and year’s devices without additional programming required.  This make for a better return on investment.

There are some cons associated with responsive design

…the most common complaint is the potential for increased website load times. While it is important to deliver content with optimal viewing for every device, slow website load times are usually the first thing that turns away a visitor.

Responsive websites delivering complex functionality, such as an ecommerce site, need to be well optimized for speed to decrease website load times and increase performance. However, with a web developer who codes accordingly, slow load times should not be a problem.

The implementation of responsive web design requires an entire site redesign, and responsive websites take a bit longer to develop than the traditional website. This is because the CSS, (Cascading Style Sheet – which is what controls how the site graphically looks), is far more involved than the CSS for traditional websites.

However, if your business is concerned with staying current and being able to survive online make sure you select a web design and web development company well-versed in responsive web design.

Although there is a minority of web users who prefer the abbreviated, mobile version of a website, the majority of users prefer to have access to all the information the website contains, rather than switching to the “view full site” mode to access it. You will not have to worry about website content duplication (or updates) between your main website and a mobile website since a responsive website is not two sites, but one that adjusts itself based on screen resolution.

Happier website visitors will have a positive lasting impression of your business and will be much more likely to refer people they know; resulting in an increase to your bottom line.

Remember, while responsive web design is a relatively new way of building websites, and is not a one-size-fits-all solution for every business, it is regarded as the future of the web design industry. For the vast majority of businesses in the market for a new or improved website it is the best solution. You need to be sure to hire a web design agency who is well-versed in responsive web design; you will have a great online advantage over your competitors.

Did You Know?  The three tenets of responsive web design are fluid grids, flexible images, and CSS3 media queries to detect screen resolution.

You Need SEO to Promote Your Website

Friday, February 18th, 2011

It is time to BECOME VISIBLE!

As a business owner when you decide to go online and have your website developed, search engine optimization is one of the last thing that comes into the mind. But website development is not just about designing a site & making it live on the internet, you want the website to bring in business for you and work as a place to showcase your products and services. This is where SEO comes into picture, properly SEO optimized website design and development can go a long way in promoting your business & online presence.

Here are some of the important aspects of website development:

1.    Using appropriate heading & bold tags: Web developers while creating the site should properly use heading as well as bold tags at important places to emphasis important sections of text to search engines.

2.    Image optimization: Search engines such as Google and Yahoo cannot read text which is written in an image. To let search engines what the image is about you need to add correct ALT text for the image and help with better visibility of your images in search results.

3.    Canonical URLs: It would be hard to believe but search engines treat, & as 3 different pages, creating duplicate content issues for you. Solution to this is to do a 301 permanent redirection of the URLs to URL with www, i.e.,

4.    Session IDs in PHP based websites: In PHP sites, unique PHPSESSID variable gets added to URL’s end in case cookies are not available and looks like this: PHPSESSID=24487890. This creates problems for your site in search engines as every time a webpage is visited they see a unique session id in the URL & think of the page as a different page, thus creating duplicate content problems for you. As a solution to this is to use url_rewriter.tags.

5.    External files for JavaScript & CSS: Nowadays all sites use CSS & JavaScript; if you put all the code on the page itself then it will increase the page size as well as page’s load time, thereby affecting how search engines rank your site. The solution to this is to put the code in external files and include a reference to them on the page.

6.    Page Titles and Meta Description: It is of vital importance in website design and development to make certain all the pages on the site have unique Meta description and page titles.

If you want to understand how search engines interact with your site and find potential issues before they impact your traffic, you need to verify your site and sitemaps with the three key search engines — Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You also must monitor your statistics regularly.

Register your website with Google Webmaster Tools. Create an account and verify your site by uploading a small piece of code to your server for Google to find. Then create an XML sitemap of all your site pages and upload it by using your Webmaster Tools account. Once you have completed this process, you will be able to check the following:

1.    How many pages Google has indexed and how often

2.    What errors Googlebot found while indexing

3.    What keywords are helping users find your pages

4.    How many incoming links each page has from external sources

5.    How many internal links each page has from other pages on your site

6.    How well your site is optimized for target keywords

7.    How fast your site loads

8.    How many broken links are on your site, where they point to, and on what pages.

There is a similar registration process with Yahoo Site Explorer and Bing Webmaster Tools.

One of the biggest mistakes online businesses make with SEO is targeting the wrong keywords.

You should create a list of keywords. Include all the keywords and phrases you believe your potential customers might type into a search engine to find products and services like the ones you provide. Think to yourself, “What would I type into a search engine if I wanted to find a site like mine?” Try and come up with at least 50 keywords/phrases. Once you have your list enter it into an online keyword research tool such as WordTracker or the Google Keyword Tool. These tools show you how many searches each keyword/phrase receives daily. Do not consider keywords that generate less than 20 searches per day. Take the most popular keywords in your list and select the ones that relate specifically to your site content.

For a search engine to find a site relevant, it has to find the keyword within the visible text on your pages and in link text pointing to your site. So, placing your keywords into your Meta tags is not sufficient for Google to find your site a relevant match for related search queries.

You will need to rewrite your content to incorporate your keywords into your pages. Do not repeat a keyword phrase more than 3 or 4 times in a single page. Rewrite your page titles and META tags, alt tags and headings to include your new keywords. Also remember, every page on your site should have a different Title and META Description tag, tailored to the content of each page.

Install Google Analytics on your site. If not, then do it today. Google Analytics is a free site statistics package that provides insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. The program allows you to see and analyze your traffic data in new ways and you can learn how your visitors interact with your website.

Fresh content keeps a search engine coming back to your site. By adding new pages and information to your website on a regular basis, you are sending a signal to search engines and visitors that you have a great deal to provide, and they need to come back regularly. If you have more content you are providing your visitors more ways to find you in search engines.

The way you link between your own site pages can have a huge impact on the search rank of those pages. This is because Google and other search engines are influenced by the keywords that are used in the links themselves.

Looking for assistance with SEO? Contact us and speak with a specialist – mention this email and receive 25% off your SEO Plan. Become Visible Today!

*Did You Know– A recent study showed that Fortune 500 companies spend $51 million per day in aggregate on 88,792 keywords, and only 20.82% rank in the top 100 of natural search result. This means that 80% of the $51 million a day or $40 million per day is completely wasted.

Emercury Provides High Quality Bulk Email Delivery Services

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Increase in market share helps organizations to grow. The only way to attract more and more customers to buy your products and services is through promotion. Today’s competitive environment makes it essential to have email marketing services for bulk email delivery,to the masses. This will help you to make your product popular among your potential customers.

Communication is important

Your quality products and services will fetch you nothing till they are sold. To sell them you need to inform your prospective customers about them. No one does this task better than our professionals at Emercury.Net. We understand how important it is to communicate the right message at the right time, to the right person. Our professionals are best at bulk email delivery and other email marketing services. We provide services to all types of businesses. So, if you want to establish your brand name in global markets, you can rely on us for your needs.

Customer is the king

If you already have a large customer base and aspire to increase it even further, Emercury.Net is the right place for you. We are experts in bulk email delivery services and have efficient professionals who can handle any number of emails. A constant watch on customer feedback is essential to maintaining good customer relations. Our professionals are skilled enough to manage all your existing customers and convert your potential customers.

Affordable and high quality services

We provide high quality services at the most competitive prices in the market. Apart from normal bulk email delivery services such as software development, tracking mails, and list management, our professionals are ready with many other innovative ideas to create a difference. For instance, we have come up with a new aspect called an email calendar to make a new addition to our existing bulk email marketing services package. So, if you are looking for service providers who aspire to exceed your expectations, Emercury.Net is the best choice for you.

Bulk email marketing is sure to make your business touch great heights. So, do not waste time and get ready to increase your customer base with us.

Tips to Choose Best Bulk Email Marketing Services

Thursday, July 29th, 2010
The competitive economy has made it essential for almost all businesses to opt for email marketing services. It is an effective way to reach millions of prospective clients and customers online. This article talks about certain points that should be kept in mind before choosing a bulk email marketing service provider.

Assess your needs

It is essential to determine in advance the type of services you require. Before you go in for email marketing services, you should be very clear about your promotional needs. Auto-responders, monitoring tools, and shopping carts are some of the services you can choose. You should decide, well in advance, what type of email marketing service is consistent with your promotional requirements.

Background verification

Before you hire bulk email marketing services, do not forget to do a background verification of your chosen service provider. You also can have a look at their past assignments to find out if they are efficient and have talented professionals. Make sure they provide you with an updated list of emails of potential customers in order to increase your market share. Internet is the best way to gather information about various service providers and compare them in order to find the best service provider for your needs.

Other points

It is advisable to enquire about the methods and techniques employed by your chosen email marketing firm. You should pay due attention to their pricing structure. Try to look for reputable companies that offer a short trial period to let you assess the level of their bulk email marketing services. It also is essential to enquire about the steps your email marketing service provider takes to control SPAM. Read the terms and conditions of your service agreement carefully in order to avoid any nasty surprises.

Promoting your products or services via email helps you to spread your business globally. Once you are convinced about the good reputation and efficiency of any email marketing service provider, do not hesitate in spending a little bit more for their services. The long term benefits of email marketing are sure to be enough to cover any extra cost you have incurred for online advertising.

11 Reasons Why Websites Fail

Friday, May 28th, 2010
Chances are you have heard about ‘social media’ and how it is transforming the way we communicate in business and personal lives.

The online marketing and creation of company/brand awareness, which ultimately drives web traffic, is increasingly turned to the explosion of newsletters, articles, videos, podcasts, blogs, micro blogs (Twitter), and newsfeeds (RSS) used as vital back linking tools.

In other words – user generated content. The function of website design is itself evolving.

Developing a social media network to grow your business is a proactive online marketing strategy that is increasingly being seen reflected in new design approaches to website accessibility.

Web designers are creating layouts to direct visitor’s attention to content predominantly user-generated and interactive. The focus is on human network connectivity calls to further action and greater participation, which specifically demand a depth of engagement that extends visitor dwell time at a site.

An online marketing strategy requires you decide upon your message themes and keyword links and how they may need to vary across the agreed range of networked sites and prepare a precise message delivery schedule.

Increasingly, the phenomenal success of Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and other social sites is rapidly forcing change towards redefining the function of a website as an open resource for peer networking, accessible across different viewing and communicating channels. Twitter alone is ranked as one of the 50 most popular websites worldwide and is the third most used social network. The number of unique monthly visitors is now at six million and the number of monthly visits around 45 million.

This means website innovators are now catering for the new ‘best of breed’ technology and its array of applications intended to up the ante on web performance. Unprecedented outreach, visibility and engagement impacts on increased interaction and ultimately, trading activity results. The future of online business is the future of website design, functionality and social / prospective customer engagement. It is on a steep growing curve and impossible to predict the possible outcomes.

You need to be prepared, so your website is not doomed from the start.

Here are several reasons most new sites fail:

1. Cookie-cutter websites. Templates are so amazing because with a few clicks, you can have a great looking website. But, everyone has that same website. If you picked it, probably a few thousand other have too, and that’s being conservative. Google hates this and those websites are ranked lower in the search enginesbecause of this.

2. Too much, too fast. Designing a website takes time, it just does. No matter what anyone says. Why? There are a million things that need done. You need to add your content and pictures. Your website needs a custom design so you do not look like every other site out there, and you certainly need time to check things and make sure your website is functioning properly. Let alone the search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and backlinks that need creating if you want your website to have a decent chance online.

3. Search Engine Optimization, SEO. This one should be a no-brainer, but it is actually one of the most powerful reasons of them all. Most website designers, especially new ones, do not know anything about proper search engine optimization. It is a process, it requires tweaking, and there are no guarantees. It also takes time. If you do not get your SEO right, you might as well not bother with the website for the traffic you will get.

4. Not staying up on the process. Two terms to remember about website design are Online Reputation Management, ORM, and Search Engine Marketing, SEM. You have to know about them and you have to implement them if you want your website to have a chance online. SEM is your basic marketing campaign, while ORM requires a bit more dedication. You need profiles with your business name to be set up on all the social networks and you need to get involved in the “conversation.” This gets your name out there, filling up the search engine rankings and makes things a lot easier on your company.

5.You hired your neighbor’s son.You know he is not a professional but you know you can save a buck by using him. After paying him next to nothing, you find that the website he created hurts more than it helps. You find yourself taking your URL off your stationary and business cards and not mentioning your website to your clients. You have lost more than the couple hundred dollars you spent on it; you have lost the potential of a successful website until you have it redone.

6. You Outsourced Your Work. Another tempting alternative to what might seem to be costly work inside the country. There are two reasons why this alternative is risky and painful for you and your business. First, communication problems. You will either have a hard time understanding or being understood by the firm or freelancer you hired.  Second, like so many have already found, you may be promised everything and receive a small portion of what you expected.

7. You Can Count the Number of Pages on Your Site with One Finger.Limiting the content on your site is unadvisable. There are so many opportunities your website can take advantage of, but without content virtually none of it is possible. Content is king.

8. Your site is boring.If your site cannot create interest in your product or services, your website will lose to the competition. Focus your attention on benefits, not features. Create page titles that make your audience want to learn more. Show how the application of your product or service will change your audiences’ lives in some positive way.

9. You thought a web designer was enough.Do not have a professionally made website with no budget for marketing. When budgeting out your website, make sure to appropriate sufficient funds to attract an audience to it. Use the following flexible rule of thumb for a website budget: a quarter of your budget for design and branding, a quarter for development, a quarter for public relations and SEO, and a quarter for advertising.

10. Your website is too generic.This is why web templates can be a bad move. If your web design and content are generic and bland, you are not portraying a well conceived and implemented brand image. Branding is about determining your company’s persona. A well branded website builds trust with your visitors and shows competitive advantage.

11. You did not monetize your site.If you did not plan out the primary and secondary objectives of your website, then your website is probably spinning your visitors in circles.  Give your website an objective, and every aspect of it should be working to accomplish it.  If you are trying to sell a product, make it appealing and easy for them to buy it. If you want them to call you on the phone do the same.  Too often a website is about a company and loses the potential influence it can have to make your company more money.

*Did You Know— The first website was created by a man named Timothy John Berners-Lee, an English computer scientist and MIT professor, in 1990. He proposed a concept to facilitate the sharing and updating of information among researchers. This concept was – hypertext. With the idea of hypertext, connected with the Transmission Control Protocol and domain name system ideas, the World Wide Web was born. The first web site was built and put online on August 6, 1991. The main purpose of this web site was to explain the concept of the World Wide Web and how to use a browser and set up a Web server.

You too can have a good email list

Friday, April 16th, 2010

It is said that building an email list of contacts for your campaigns is one of the most important pieces in the email marketing puzzle.
Creating an email list of contacts does not have to be a burdensome and confusing process.

Here are some tips I researched to assist you, in creating email lists:

1. Offer an incentive to join your email list.
This can be a product coupon, a free sample, an industry whitepaper, or an invitation to an event.
2. Host a contest for subscribers.
Give your subscribers the opportunity to be entered into a drawing, sweepstakes, or other contests.
3. Reward your customers who refer their friends.
You could launch a new email marketing campaign for the “Refer a Friend” program, or simply highlight the program in your existing messages.
4. Make it easy to sign up.
Your customers likely lead hectic lives, so require them to provide as little information as possible to make the process quick and efficient.
5. Reassure your subscribers that their personal information will be kept private and safe.
Respect that promise by not sharing subscribers’ information with any other parties or businesses.
6. Ensure your signup form is prominent on your website.
If you are placing a signup form on your site, be sure it’s easily accessible on the homepage, as well as on other pages of your site.
7. Make sure your subscribers can easily share your messages.
Allow your subscribers to forward your emails to others. You can also provide the ability for your subscribers to share your email content on social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

If you want to build a list fast, you are going to need discipline.

You must do your homework. If you are going to have a successful business, you need to have extensive knowledge. The only way you are going to make money online is by offering something of value. Everyday people are looking for solutions to a problem. What you need to do is find out what their problems are and then you can provide a solution. List building is an art that should be practiced. Target your market and provide content that delivers.

Make sure your page is converting. If you want to build a list fast, you need a lead capture page that converts your visitors into subscribers at about 30%. So, if you get 1000 visitors to your page, 300 of them should subscribe to your mailing list. Always test and make changes to your pages for the best conversions. The three things you should focus on are the headline, your bullet points, and your call to action. Your headline is probably the most important part of the page. A good headline should compel your visitors to keep reading the page. Your bullet points should be benefit oriented and not include features. People will not opt-into your list for features, but they will do it for benefits. List what they will receive for subscribing to your mailing list.

Submit articles for traffic. The best quality traffic is generated from articles. This is because articles are helpful and informative. So, your traffic is much more targeted and qualified to be on your list.

Here are some additional items to consider:

  • Get Signed Up With An Auto-responder

This is your personal assistant in the online world – a very important list-building tool. This piece of software will automate all of your emails, allowing you personal time and freedom.

  • Provide VALUE

Your goal is to come up with a series of emails that will give your subscribers VALUE; this is a key to your success. They came to you because they’re ready to learn something they don’t already know. You need to become that go-to maven in your niche. The purpose of your email series is for that subscriber to know, like, and trust you.

Understand your subscribers are willing to buy; they just need to know from whom to buy. Build that relationship and become that person they choose.

A good strategy is to fill your auto-responder up with weeks of emails, and they will be sent on your behalf.

An auto-responder service is your bloodline to your business and should be part of every email marketing campaign.

  • Capture Email Addresses

A Squeeze page has one goal in mind, and that is getting contact information from your website visitor.  If you want to know how to make money with an email list, you need a squeeze page.

An effective Squeeze page with boost your list building efforts and grow your email list.

*Did You Know— Studies found that 41% of consumers have changed an email address at least once in the last two years, with 15% of that group changing email addresses two or more times in the last two years. Consumers reported that the leading cause of email address changes were ISP switches.