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How Your Website May be Infected By a Malware and How Prestige Helps

Monday, August 4th, 2014

These days, majority of users have already learned how to avoid malware. They have antivirus and antispyware programs on their PCs, and they no longer open suspicious attachments (on the rare occasions that one gets through the spam filters.) Only a select few, mostly novice users, get tricked by conventional malware, which is why malware authors have decided to bypass user mistakes and devised Drive-By Downloads, wherein they infect server hosts, which then infect users who unknowingly browse the websites hosted on said servers.

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Why Getting Your Website Infected by Malware is Bad

It may seem like common sense – of course, getting your website infected by malware is bad, because you’re hurting your users and you’re helping proliferate harmful code all over the Internet. But even if you don’t care about your users (and we hope you do), it is worth noting that a compromised website will be useless for business because search engines – particularly Google – can detect if your site is infected, and will delist it from their database. With your website practically invisible to search, your traffic will disappear and you’ll have a useless website that nobody sees. It is therefore always in your best interest to maintain a malware-free website. (more…)

Disaster Recovery: Prepare Your Website for the Worst

Monday, April 21st, 2014

According to AMR Research Inc, disaster recovery is a low priority in many companies, owing partly to the fact that it is a very unpleasant task, and partly to the companies’ overconfidence on their IT security. Of course, mistakes are bound to happen and no security measure is completely foolproof. This is exacerbated by the lack of resources devoted to disaster recovery, leaving many companies being more reactive than preventive and vulnerable to downtime  or unrecoverable losses as a result of being unprepared once disaster strikes.

According to AMR’s study, there are a number of things overlooked by many IT managers and experts when it comes to disaster recovery planning, such as:

Doing the Proverbial Homework

A large number of IT groups tend to disregard end users and frontline executives when it comes to deciding which enterprise applications should be restored first after a disaster, leading to faulty assumptions that the heavy-duty enterprise applications need to be brought back first.

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If these groups kept their ears close to the ground and asked for feedback from the users, they would know that the most needed applications are much more basic – from email to scheduling tools, the kind of small, minor things that the IT department tend to deprioritize but are actually very disruptive to operations if made unavailable. The main culprit here is the reliance on silos in an organization, where the term “mission critical” would have a different meaning depending on the department. (more…)