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6 Simple Design Changes You Can Implement to Make Your Site More SEO Friendly

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

6 Design Changes You Can Make on Your Site to Make it SEO FriendlyMost people think that the process of improving a site in order to make it more SEO friendly requires big changes and major overhauls of the structure and content, but the truth is that there are simple design changes you can implement to make your site more SEO Friendly, and none of them will require additional purchases or weeks’ worth of coding to do. Such as:

1. Less is More

Less text is better. Less images is better. Less messages is better.

Remember that the brain is capable of processing only one piece of information at a time. The more you crowd your site with information and images, the greater the chances of the visitor turning away. Make it clean and make it direct.

Say what you want to say in one sentence and yes, you have to say only one thing.

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