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Survive a Cyber Security Threat

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

The main problem with cyber security these days is that all the advancements in cyber security that we’ve had is also available to the cyber criminals. Coupled with the fact that there’s even more financial motivation, many individuals have started treating cyber crime as a business. It’s no longer the stereotypical teenager typing away at his mother’s basement – cyber criminals these days wear suits, employ other skilled professionals, and go on meetings with his conspirators. It has become a very profitable business, which means you can no longer rely on sheer luck to protect yourself.

If you’re not taking active steps to bolster your cyber security, it may end up turning into a very costly mistake. It also means that cyber attacks are more of an eventuality than a risk, so you need to learn what to do in order to survive a cyber security threat WHEN (not if) it comes. Here are some things you should remember:

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Don’t Depend on Third Party Companies for Protection

Technically, a web hosting provider has it in their best interests to protect the security of their customers, and they do provide protection on their end. But to depend on it as your sole protection against cyber security threats is naiveté of the highest order. The sheer number of customers that web hosting providers, coupled with the low monthly hosting fees that they charge means that they won’t be able to provide a level of protection comparable to, say, an in-house team that’s assembled solely for the purpose. Additionally, many cyber security threats are targeted more towards the user than the web host. (more…)