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Important Web Host Features and How Prestige Technologies Provides Each

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

Even though it’s true that content is king when it comes to websites, it is also true that content is useless if you have a bad host. The best of contents won’t amount to much if a poor webhost prevents your website from being seen by many visitors, if at all. Prestige knows this, which is why we are providing the most important Web Host Features, such as:

Enough Storage Space

Storage space is a bit of a tricky subject as far as features are concerned. Many hosts offer unlimited storage even at their cheapest packages, but they have a catch. The space is usually shared by many users and they are subject to various restrictions, like strict filesize and filetype restrictions, that ultimately ensure that only a fraction can be used by the customer.

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At Prestige Technologies, we offer specific storage space that isn’t shared to other users. Our three first plans all provide 10 GB of space with no “catches”, which should be enough for most users. For those whose needs far exceed 10 GB, our Deluxe plan provides true unlimited space with no hidden restrictions. (more…)