What is the Reseller Program?

Prestige Technologies has created an effective and inexpensive program that provides its resellers with the highest quality hosting products and services using the latest Internet technologies. As a Prestige Technologies Reseller, you can successfully offer your clients a complete range of bundled hosting services. A Reseller is generally, but not limited to, an organization such as a web or software development company, or hardware reseller that provides value by bundling multiple services to their customers.

How does it work?

Since Prestige Technologies is in the business of hosting websites, we decided to offer Resellers a program that allows both of us the ability to focus on our strengths. Prestige Technologies provides the web hosting accounts, while the Reseller is responsible for all billing and technical support for their customers. The Reseller will be billed for all accounts registered under their name at the end of each calendar month.

How do Resellers make money?

As a Prestige Technologies Reseller you can offer a comprehensive suite of services to your customers. You can combine our leading web hosting products with your own value-added services like; web site development, programming, customized services, specialized expertise, consulting, networking, integration, service training and or support. Since a Reseller will be adding value in some unique way, they will usually charge a fee above the standard retail rate that is normally charged by Prestige Technologies.

What happens if our customer figures out, Prestige Technologies is the hosting company?

Because a Reseller is providing additional services that Prestige Technologies does not provide directly to customers, the Reseller is justified in charging a higher fee to their customers.

How do I become a Prestige Technologies Reseller?

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