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Finding Free Web Hosting No Ads

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Finding Free Web Hosting with no AdsThe concept of free web hosting no ads may seem unbelievable at first, as it has always been the common practice of free web hosts to subsidize their free services via banner or pop up ads on the pages they host. However, things are always changing and there are now free web hosting no ads open to just about anyone who needs to build an online presence, but doesn’t have the budget for a paid host: offers MySQL, PHP, WordPress, and provides free domains. It uses Joomla so there’s no need to install your own CMS (this would be a con, if you prefer wordpress). (more…)

The Importance of Photography Web Hosting

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Importance of Photography Web HostingThe world wide web is no longer the sole domain of coders and programmers. Now that the Internet has slowly but surely gravitated towards being a more visual medium and photography web hosting has become an actual thing, photographers have started building their presence online, realizing just how much better the medium is at propping up their passion and making it easier for them to share their beautiful images with the rest of the world.

While there are already large social networking sites that are targeted towards photographers – such as Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest, and Instagram, it is still vital that professional and aspiring photographers set up their own websites. However, the absolute freedom that comes with your own photography web hosting site also requires you to shoulder a few responsibilities, and to consider a few things first, such as:

Find a Hosting Service that Provides Ease of Use

If you’re building a website from scratch, you can take advantage of the many Content Managing Systems out there, such as WordPress, in order to ensure that you can update your site easily and upload your photos without getting bogged down by technical and coding stuff. If possible, you can hire a web developer or a coder who will handle the technical stuff while you provide the layout or design that you want. (more…)

Free Web Hosting Guide

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

It’s true that web hosting is easily one of the most pertinent expenses you’ll have to shoulder if you want to create an online presence, which is one of the main reasons why free unlimited web hosting is such an appealing concept. But is there such a thing?

Now, free web hosts are certainly not a myth. But the companies that offer them are not in the business of giving away things without getting in return, so there is almost always a catch. Some put ads on your site, but some go so far as to impose restrictions and limitations on bandwidth, storage space, and what you are allowed to host on your site. They are free, but they’re very far from unlimited.

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The best thing for you to do is identify where you want to take your site. Surely, a personal blog that will serves as your personal journal won’t need a dedicated host but if you feel that you can actually launch a product or brand someday, it would be good to get your own host. Remember that once you open a site and users start visiting it, you get a certain amount of data that could be useful for you eventually.

Now, if you really are just looking for a free host, check out below. (more…)

Low Cost Web Hosting Guide

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

low cost web hostingHosting fees are easily one of the most ubiquitous expenses for companies that have an online presence, which is why low cost web hosting holds a special appeal as it could easily shave off a large part of their operational expenses. The appeal is doubled for personal users or non-profit organizations, primarily because they don’t have any ROI that will justify the expense. But if you’re going to look for low cost web hosting based on the mere price, you may end up regretting later as price is usually relative to quality of service. If you want to get the cheapest hosting money can buy, without sacrificing service quality, you may want to keep the following things in mind:

Decide If You Really Need Paid Hosting

As with anything in life, you tend to get exactly what you pay for when it comes to hosting. So if you’re willing to suffer through poor service, frequent downtimes, and shoddy customer support just to reduce your overall hosting expenses, then you might as well just go with a free host. There are numerous free hosts on the Internet, and some of them actually offer decent service in exchange for a few things, like banner support or capped bandwidth. These are ultimately better than relying on a poor host, especially considering that you’re getting it for free.

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Surviving on Free Web Hosting

Friday, June 14th, 2013

advantages of free web hostingIt’s a well-known fact that if you’re serious about an online business or planning a website that will eventually grow to be an authority on a specific subject or industry, you can’t rely on free web hosting. Mainly because paid hosting gives you a lot more options and does not limit your site’s capabilities, and also because you’re pretty much stuck with with free web hosting once your site becomes popular enough.

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However, there’s still room for free web hosting. Like if you just want to test the waters, or if you’re only using it as a personal, non-commercial presence on the web. Or if you’re using it for a small business that is predominantly operational online, with the website only serving as a means of online branding. If these cases apply to you, you should know that free web hosting will be fine, but you still have to keep a few things in mind: