Prestige will Help You Cope Up with Perabyte

to be that a 10GB hard disk is considered overkill. Regular users at the time felt that they can’t possibly fill it up before it is time to replace the drive. However, now that digital distribution has been embraced by the movie, record, and games industry, the issue of how to fill up a hard disk – even 3 terabyte ones – has become elementary. Storage now has to keep up with data demands.

The picture is even worse in terms of enterprise data. The IDC estimates that an enterprise’s storage needs doubles every 18 months. That 1 GB storage your host is offering? It’s going to fill up very soon. Based on the IDC’s data and considering the long term purpose of websites these days, it’s not that farfetched for website owners to soon hit the perabyte wall.

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Thankfully, Prestige Technologies is prepared for the arrival of perabytes as the de facto amount of storage needed. As it is, even Prestige Technologies’ most affordable hosting plans already offer 10 GB of storage space, which should be enough for personal websites. But should your needs grow and reach the perabyte level, you can easily upgrade to deluxe, which offers true unlimited storage space (as opposed to some hosts’ trick of offering unlimited storage that can’t be fully used due to draconian TOS and policies.)

Lastly, Prestige Technologies’ latest technological safeguards means that upgrading to meet the new perabyte requirements is seamless and will offer maximum possible uptime, without sacrificing load times and reliability.

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