Create an Ad Banner That Will Be Clicked

Everybody knows that Ad Banners these days are not as effective as they were a decade ago. Clickthrough rates have fallen and marketers are responding in a knee-jerk reaction, by creating spammy banners and shoving it in people’s faces as frequently as possible.

The main problem with said response is that it doesn’t address the issue: that people aren’t really interested in the ad banners – because they think it’s misleading, or an outright scam, or simply outside the scope of their interests. The proper approach to this problem is not to force or manipulate people into clicking, but just creating ad banners that will be clicked on. Here are a few guidelines on how you can do this:

Rely More on Text Instead of Visuals

Many banners these days don’t stand out because they’re filled with nothing but graphics and colors. Every other banner is like that. If you want a banner that stands out, add some text into it. This also has the benefit of giving you more space to say something about the product or service you’re advertising, making your ad more informative and attractive to people who want to know what they are clicking on.

Don’t Add a Price to Your Banners

People tend to have a preconceived notion about prices. There are people who are turned off by low prices, thinking that it means subpar quality while there are people who shun high prices because they want to save on costs. You can’t put a price on your ad banner without the risk of alienating one side or the other. So if you want your banner to be attractive to hold off on including the numbers.

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Offer Free Products Instead of Discounts

Both Free Products and Discount Offers run the risk of being misinterpreted as a trick to get them to click, but more often than not, free offers tend to work while discounts don’t. The main reason for this is that there are people who are optimistic about the banners and are willing to risk clicking if it means they will get a reward. The difference is that a free product or service is seen as worth the risk, while a discount on the price isn’t. What it all boils down to is if you want to offer an incentive on your banners, you have to go all the way.

Lastly, Don’t Be Too Vague

As a marketer, you know the power of keeping people guessing and piquing their interest. However, when it comes to banners, you have a very limited amount of time as people are not interested in looking at banners for long periods of time. You can be vague, but not too vague that people won’t understand what they’re supposed to take away from the image. Use a little bit of text or the proper image to provide hints. Basically, catch their attention but don’t keep them guessing for long.

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