Realistic Web Hosting Expectations

You know the stereotypical portrayal of people having problems with phone networks. Outages are met with irate calls to customer support or even in written form. Consumers have very little patience for outages in these cases, but when it comes to web hosting problems, it would seem that users tend to be a little bit more forgiving. Why is this so? Are people generally just more realistic when it comes to web hosting expectations? There are a number of possible reasons for this:

Web Hosting Providers Offer Transparency and Accountability

Generally, when web hosting problems occur, web hosting providers are very transparent and admit liability. In Prestige Technologies’ case, for instance, the customer support serves as a way of connecting customers to people who can help with their problems, as opposed to some industries where customer support is used to deflect or delay customers’ complaints while the people who can help work at their own pace. Additionally, outages with web hosting can be measured and customers are usually given practical estimates on recovery time and restoration of services. Customers get a feeling that their problems are being worked on, instead of being led around in circles.

Higher Chances of Failure Due to New Technology

This started becoming a reality when cloud adoption became widespread. People understand that a new technology experiences birth pains, and there’s a complex infrastructure that need to be taken into account. They tend to expect some problems and aren’t taken completely off guard in the rare cases when problems do occur.
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Lastly, The Hassle Involved With Switching Hosts

This may seem like a negative point, but it’s nonetheless true: users can be more forgiving of web host outages because they can’t rely on switching hosts as punitive measure. The hassle involved with switching hosts is simply not worth the short amount of waiting needed or web hosts to resolve their problems. For starters, moving files, databases, and configuring nameservers takes time and effort. Additionally, they may end up with a host that costs more. In most cases, they’d rather practice patience than spend more.

As you can see, there are reasons why users have more realistic web hosting expectations. Some industries can learn a little bit from the web hosting industry and web hosting providers themselves should feel lucky with their position, and to avoid taking advantage of the leeway they get from consumers just to make a few more bucks.

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