In prestige, Backups and Recovery are Part of Security

Backups and recovery best practices are normal parts of a healthy web hosting experience, but what most users don’t realize is that both are big parts of security, in the sense that not having good backups and recovery contingencies will be a huge gaping hole in your website, VPS, or server’s security, the absence of which renders all other security contingencies less effective.

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Here at Prestige, we value security and we go beyond merely protecting the servers from intrusion. We go the extra mile and include backup and recovery as part of our services, ensuring that customers are not only protected from head-on attacks, but are also able to recover with minimal downtime if there is server outage due to acts of god, or an attack that managed to succeed due to certain extenuating circumstances outside of our control, like as attacks based on zero day vulnerabilities, which is a vulnerability or an exploit in code unknown to the vendor (one great example of this is the Heartbleed Bug.)

Prestige takes a lot of steps to ensure that there is available backup of the servers and that the backups themselves are secure. These include:

1. Having off-site backups – with off-site backups, even if the servers are compromised, we will have a way of restoring the servers from a “clean” source, and that the files can be restored even if the servers were lost to physical accidents.

2. Practice industry best practices on account management – such as ensuring that users, passwords, and any private data are all unique to the backup server instead of mirroring it to the server being backed up.

3. Perform frequent and regular backups of mission critical data.

4. Strengthen and encrypt our network connections and transactions, keeping our ears close to the ground so that we can be agile enough to patch vulnerabilities or exploits as they are discovered, while keeping our software and hardware up to date with the rest of the industry.

5. Maintain rigorous and regular testing and recovery procedures to ensure that all backups of the servers are usable and working correctly.

At Prestige, we guarantee the best possible security and acknowledge that it consists not only of keeping the front door and the back door secure, but also ensuring that recovery is fast in the extremely rare cases when they are needed.

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