Mobility, Not Just Mobile

It’s common knowledge that you can’t predict the future, especially when it comes to business. An industry is always subject to the ever-changing (and usually random) whims of consumers and advancements in technology, which can occur in rapid succession or during long intervals. That doesn’t mean businesses have to go in blindly, because we can still make some educated – and calculated – guesses where things are headed based on a variety of factors and trends.

When it comes to mobile users, there are several trends going on that point to an even greater world of information mobility, such as the fact that data storage shows signs of doubling every 18 months, or that the number of smartphone users have already reached more than 1.5 billion worldwide. Additionally, statistics point to the average US adult spending nearly 2 and a half hours using a mobile device per day. The age of information mobility is already at hand, and it will affect your business in the coming years.

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In order to be successful in the future, businesses need to take full advantage of the burgeoning mobility trend, as it allows remote employees access to mission-critical files anytime and anywhere they want. The increased emphasis on mobility will provide improved communication and collaboration, and will allow businesses to cater to any customer regardless of their location.

The increased mobility for businesses will result in the breaking down of borders, with office walls no longer constraining operations. Additionally, over 10 percent of the growth in smartphone data traffic is coming from China, which point to a changing world economy as the Chinese economy opens up to the rest of the world, making it a fresh new market to explore and tap.

As with any kind of change, it won’t be easy. Younger workers who grew up in the current state of the industry will have minimal problems adapting to the changes, but they make up only 35 percent of the current workforce so the shift towards greater mobility will be met with challenges as majority of the workforce may struggle with the changes. Said difficulties are not without its rewards, though. And it’s not even optional, as businesses who refuse to adapt to the growing need for mobile and mobility will be left behind by competitors who are more attuned to the shift towards mobility.


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