How Your Web Hosting Company Affects Your SEO

how your web hosting company affects your seoMatt Cutts stated that that your choice of a web hosting company actually affects website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google takes into consideration the location of the server. If the server is in the US, the search engine is inclined to believe that the websites hosted on that country is more relevant to users within US.

However, he was also clear that the location of the servers is not the only consideration. Below are some of the ways on how your web hosting company affects your SEO.


One of the most important things a site should have is speed. Website visitors, especially the first time visitors, will only give your site 7 seconds. If within 7 seconds your site does not load or they understand what you are offering or how they will get what they will need from you, they will leave.

In order to provide searchers with the best experience possible, search engines give a lot of weight to the speed of your site. If your web host gives you slow speed, your site will get pulled down lower regardless of how relevant your content is.

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Your site needs to build a good reputation. When your site keeps on bogging down, your rank will be affected. There is no web hosting company that will guarantee 100% uptime. Most of them will go for a 99.9% uptime. That 1% is just to cover their @ss because a power outage happens. When it does,

However, you need to find a web hosting company that has a redundant security feature. With a redundant security system, even when there is power outages or something goes wrong with their servers, transactions and queries will be automatically rerouted to their back up. Their back up should be able to a mirror. In other words, whatever their main servers can do, their back up system should be able to do too.

IP Reputation

Search engines give IPs a reputation. When too many compromised contents come from a certain IP, search engines will mark that IP. It is not true that all sites with that IP will be given a bad reputation BUT you will be kept on close watch.


Remember that no one thing will ever pull your site down. It is when you have a combination of these bad things that will make search engines pull your score down.

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