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Business Website Hosting SEOBusiness Website Hosting is one of the most important factors to consider if you want to build an online presence and another communication channel for your business, but equally important is SEO, because even the best business website hosting won’t do much if you have poor or no visibility on search engines.

Does Website Hosting Affect SEO?

Contrary to common belief, the web host you choose does play into your SEO strategy. Technically, choosing the right hosting company is not a 100% guarantee that you’ll be getting a boost in search engine rankings, but at the very least it means you can avoid the consequences of being saddled with a poor host. Make no mistake about it, a bad web hosting company will do a lot of damage to your search rankings, due to the following reasons:

Site Loading Speeds

Google has already publicly admitted that the loading speed of a website factors in when their search engine ranks websites, on the basis that users will most likely not appreciate being sent to sites that take a long time to load. Remember that a search engine’s job is to point users to websites that they want, and an unresponsive website doesn’t exactly meet the criteria, relevant content or not.

With regard to business website hosting, most cheap and free hosting companies tend to limit or throttle the bandwidth of their servers in order to cut on bandwidth costs, resulting in sites – particularly those that are not text-only – having high latencies and taking a long time to load.

Website Availability

A really good web host will have minimal downtime. Technically speaking, downtimes are unavoidable as hosting companies need to take down their servers from time to time for maintenance or to replace outdated and broken hardware. However, the really bad web hosts tend to have more downtimes because they use cheaper hardware and/or inexperienced staff. This means your website will be unavailable to both search engine users and search engine spiders. Again, Search Engines want the best possible experience for their users so when they detect that your website is frequently unavailable for long periods of time, they will be ranking it lower than sites that are always accessible to users.

Host Reputation

Cheap web hosting companies are usually the go-to hosting solutions for fly by night websites that are frequently skirting around illegal niches such as adult content and piracy. You could be sharing the same hosting with these websites if you choose extremely cheap web hosting, and this means you could be caught up in the cross fire when these sites run into trouble with other malicious individuals or with search engines that are penalizing their sites and DNSes in the rankings (after many copyrights holders have filed takedown notices on said pages).

Finding the Right Business Website Hosting: Best Bang for Buck, Not Cheapest

When it comes to the best business website hosting, one adage that you have to keep in mind is “you get your money’s worth,” but this doesn’t mean you always have to choose the most expensive solution. Rather, you get the host that provides the best kind of service for its price.

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