Benefits of Linux Web Hosting

Benefits of Linux Web HostingWhen it comes to web hosting, you usually get a choice between windows and linux web hosting. While there’s technically no difference between the two as far as the end result is concerned, there are a few reasons why Linux Web Hosting is a little bit better. The only disadvantage right now is that you can’t use frontpage extensions, but who uses frontpage these days? The benefits of linux web hosting, on the other hand, are numerous:


It all boils down to the fact that windows web hosting requires an installation of windows, which is commercial software that costs money, while linux web hosting requires an installation of any flavor of linux, which is free open source software. With the former, the host has to buy an OS, which means they have to pass that cost on to consumers who wish to use windows hosting. So in general, linux web hosting is usually cheaper than windows web hosting.

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Open Source Platform

Since linux is open source, it attracts the brightest and most motivated developers in the world, who provide improvements and bugfixes to the platform on a regular basis. Think of it as Linux having thousands of skilled testers and developers, compared to the limited amount of staff in Microsoft. In fact, since corporate cultures tend to promote people to management positions as they get more experienced, the overall skill of people supporting Linux is better.


Another benefit of linux, owing to its open source status, is its flexibility. It can host various e-commerce applications, CMS, and multimedia extensions. Since the platform can be modified and updated, just about anything that is possible can be done as long as you or someone else can code it. This is not possible with the closed source windows, where any addition has to come from Microsoft themselves.

Speed and Simplicity

Linux is arguably easier and simpler to use than windows, and it was designed to support basic web hosting so it can easily support PHP, MySQL, and Perl Scripts, which allows users to maximize their website’s functionality and performance. Additionally, Linux is proven to be more stable and faster than windows when it comes to handling higher amount of processes at the same time – something to think about if you’re planning to host a high traffic site.

Secure and Reliable

It has become clich̩ at this point, but it still rings true Рreliability and security debates between Linux and Windows almost always favor the latter, as the Linux development community has ensured that any exploit found on Linux will be patched immediately. Whereas exploits on Windows usually take a long time before being discovered, and even then it still takes time before it is properly addressed. This is also the reason why a lot of hackers choose to go after web hosts that use windows, since it is an easy target. Whereas web hosts that use linux web hosting are usually ignored because they are considered as moving targets.


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