Choosing Cloud Web Hosting for Your Business

cloud web hostingNot many people realize that they’ve been taking advantage for cloud web hosting in their normal online activities, but it’s true. Many of the free services they use – such as webmail, social networks, and even free file storage – are already hosted on the cloud. However, many businesses with online extensions are still unable to take advantage of true cloud web hosting. This is because the hosting services they use don’t really use a cloud model.

Many hosting companies, particularly those still dealing with legacy hardware, tend to host their clients’ websites on server farms that have specific servers allotted per account. In the past, this is advantageous as clients can expect a 1:1 service, where they are basically renting an entire rack of servers for their website. But when the industry finally learned how to apply the cloud model, there were no more reasons why companies shouldn’t opt for cloud web hosting.

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Benefits of Cloud Web Hosting

The main benefit of cloud web hosting is cost-efficiency. Since all the clients of a web hosting company are sharing the same resources in the provider’s server farm, the hardware is maximized – the hosting company doesn’t need to buy servers that they aren’t going to use. Naturally, this saves a lot of money and other practical resources (like office space and electricity). All of these savings can then be passed on to the consumers, resulting in more affordable plans or extra features.

It’s not all about savings in terms of money, though. The reduction of needed hardware is also beneficial to the environment, as the host’s carbon footprint will be significantly reduced in more ways than one. For instance, all the waste products coming from the production of servers and all of its hardware components will be reduced. Additionally, they also require less energy to run their server farms, resulting in a reduced impact on the environment, especially if they are not using green sources of energy.

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Additionally, websites can also get a slightly more robust backend from the host, since the management of servers is simplified. Instead of the host’s engineers and IT staff having to deal with separate servers meant for each client, they only have to deal with a single cluster of servers containing virtual machines for the clients’ websites. Patching, maintenance, upgrades, and backups are fairly straightforward and only need to be done in one go, instead of scheduling separate maintenance schedules and addressing all the machines one by one.

At the end of the day, there’s really nothing businesses can do these days short of running their own website using on-site servers, because web hosting companies are already realizing just how practical and beneficial cloud web hosting can be, and are already moving towards adopting the model for their businesses. The only thing preventing them from adopting the cloud model fully is because some legacy hardware are more expensive to replace than to maintain, but soon even those legacy hardware will fall by the wayside.

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