Make Money with Reseller WebHosting

Make Money with Reseller WebHostingMost people believe that web hosting is a money sink, and that you have to either monetize a website or use it as an extension of a business in order to recoup all the time and money you’re going to invest. Reseller webhosting changes all that, as it proves that you can actually make money off web hosting even if you’re not monetizing your website.

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What is Reseller Webhosting?

Reseller webhosting essentially works much like affiliate marketing, where you act as a middleman and sell a web host’s plans and packages to people. Payment for reseller webhosting usually comes in the form of commissions per sale, but there are companies that provide compensation “per eyeball,” which means you get a small amount everytime you refer someone who goes to their site and checks out their services.

Who Are Your Target Customers?

Basically, anyone who needs a web host can be a customer – but your best bet are novice webmasters who need help in finding the best web hosting company. Another thing worth mentioning is that you have to go beyond just pointing people to the web hosts. The plans offered by resellers are usually slightly more expensive than the plans offered by the original company, since that’s where they’ll get their income from. It’s usually better for customers to go directly to the original company and get their plans there – so how do you make money if the odds are stacked against you?

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Easy, offer extra value. Some resellers do this by providing a level of personal support – such as setting up the hosting themselves or walking the customer through the whole process until they get a site up and running. You can also partner with other affiliates and offer the perks you get from them as incentives for the reseller hosting. Just be forewarned that you should first ask the companies if what you’re doing is okay, as some of them do not allow you to give away their freebies.

How Can You Market Reseller Webhosting

Obviously, you’ll need a platform where you can attract potential buyers and “peddle” your wares. There are two effective venues for this; a website of your own, and through email marketing. You’ll have to be very effective at SEO and marketing, though. Since people are not going to happen upon your website by accident. You have to build a very effective web presence and take advantage of social media in order to get the word out there. With email marketing, use organic methods and don’t resort to spamming, as that will result in the host canceling your reseller hosting account (as no legitimate company wants to be associated with spammers.)

What Other Things Can You Get Out of Being a Reseller?

Technically, besides the potential for income, you can actually strike up a partnership of sorts with some web hosts, where they give you free web hosting if you become a reseller of their hosting plans. This is a great deal as paid hosting can easily be the most expensive part of an online business.


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  1. Prestige Technologies - Best Web Site Hosting Company Says:

    […] Reseller Hosting is basically when you sell a parent web hosting company’s resources as your own. Many web hosting companies provide reseller packages, where you buy the plan from them and then resell chunks of it to other people for a profit. Some people choose to resell it as is, while other people create their own reseller hosting companies and sell it from there. […]

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