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Finding Free Web Hosting with no AdsThe concept of free web hosting no ads may seem unbelievable at first, as it has always been the common practice of free web hosts to subsidize their free services via banner or pop up ads on the pages they host. However, things are always changing and there are now free web hosting no ads open to just about anyone who needs to build an online presence, but doesn’t have the budget for a paid host: offers MySQL, PHP, WordPress, and provides free domains. It uses Joomla so there’s no need to install your own CMS (this would be a con, if you prefer wordpress).

Free Hosting Eu

This one offers an intuitive site builder, as well as a free domain, but you should keep in mind that it’s not the service to use if you want to have absolute control over your CMS, because it’s only meant to be a blog site.

Blogger is pretty popular nowadays, and while it is frowned upon by a lot of ad services that require a personal domain name, it is still a very powerful CMS that gives you your own subdomain, and can be integrated to a paid host if you buy your own domain.

WordPress, like blogger, also provides subdomains ( and works well as a free CMS. It’s a choice between this and blogger, if you just need to create a blog with pictures, text, and maybe a couple of videos. It can be flexible if you know which plugins to use, but that will require a certain amount of tech savvy.

Prestige Hosting is easily the best choice out of all the entries in this list, mainly because they are a paid host by default. They offer 2 different types of free hosting. First is the crippled and limited – but robust enough – trial service that should be enough to give you an idea if you’re willing to invest in their affordable paid plans, or if you’re a non-profit, charity organization, you can apply for their special program, which offers free hosting to sites and organizations that they deem worthy.

In Case You’re Ready to Move Towards a Paid Host…

Look for the following:
1) Money back guarantee
2) Free trial
3) Established track record
4) Redundant security system

All of these are being offered by Prestige Technologies. Click here to check.


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