Low Cost Web Hosting Guide

low cost web hostingHosting fees are easily one of the most ubiquitous expenses for companies that have an online presence, which is why low cost web hosting holds a special appeal as it could easily shave off a large part of their operational expenses. The appeal is doubled for personal users or non-profit organizations, primarily because they don’t have any ROI that will justify the expense. But if you’re going to look for low cost web hosting based on the mere price, you may end up regretting later as price is usually relative to quality of service. If you want to get the cheapest hosting money can buy, without sacrificing service quality, you may want to keep the following things in mind:

Decide If You Really Need Paid Hosting

As with anything in life, you tend to get exactly what you pay for when it comes to hosting. So if you’re willing to suffer through poor service, frequent downtimes, and shoddy customer support just to reduce your overall hosting expenses, then you might as well just go with a free host. There are numerous free hosts on the Internet, and some of them actually offer decent service in exchange for a few things, like banner support or capped bandwidth. These are ultimately better than relying on a poor host, especially considering that you’re getting it for free.

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Don’t Be Cheap with the Domain Name

If you’re going to skimp on the hosting fees, you should invest more on the domain name in order to get the best and reliable service. You can easily transfer files to a different webhost, but transferring domain names are significantly more difficult. If you get a good domain name from a reliable registrar, you can easily start checking out webhosts and getting cheap ones. If you get a poor host, just get a new one and have the domain name point to it instead.

Check Out the Full Range of Plans Offered by a Host

Most hosts will provide hosting plans targeted towards different kinds of users, from enterprise class to small business, to personal users. Most of these are based on the needs of the specific category, but sometimes you can opt for the cheaper package by reducing requirements for your end. This is usually done by meeting with your IT shop and developers, and deciding if there are features that you can remove in order to fit your needs for the lower packages.

Always Look for Trial Periods and Money Back Guarantees

These types of low-risk contingencies will allow your company to try out various hosting companies without worrying about being locked into a contract with a company that can’t fulfill things on their end. Don’t entertain hosts that don’t provide guarantees or trial periods, as it’s usually a sign that they’re not confident with the service they provide and are planning on just taking people’s money and running away. That, or they are resellers who have no systems in place to provide money back guarantees. In cases like these, even if their service is reliable and cheap, you should still stay away as you can usually get cheaper rates from the hosting company that they are selling for.

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