Ways to Make Exceptional Websites

It is time to explore some of the recent trends in website design.

The days when designers were limited to typefaces available on users’ computer are gone. Web font foundries, such as Google fonts and Typekit allow you to use an unlimited number of fonts in your web designs, thoroughly enhancing their appeal.

You can use rich typography in almost every web design project. Make sure to check if there is a cost associated with a particular font – there are many free web fonts out there. Typekit offers great choices but there is a charge.

Use one font for headlines and a different, contrasting one for body text. This provides a strong visual appeal. In most cases, you need to make the body text a bit larger than normal in order to get the best results.

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Blocking has been around for awhile, and it basically introduces a brick-like design grid which features blocks of solid color coupled with blocks carrying photos or text. It offers a quick, organized overview of the site content, with minimum distractions. Contrast between blocks of solid colors and blocks with content usually stimulate a visitor to explore more.
Avoid a common look by adding your own touch to the design. Solid blocking works for homepages but inner pages need to hold larger pieces of content.
A “homemade look” is about simple and modest designs. This is achieved by combining subtle textures and colors, and relaxed typography. It makes the site look friendly and inviting. This style works best for service industries which need to look inexpensive and agreeable. A subtle quality is essential for this particular type, but readable typography is just as important.
Large, bold headlines are nothing new in graphic design, but they are a comparatively new trend in web design.  More companies are using this approach to generate visitor’s interest.

You can employ oversized type when you have a solid offer or announcement to make. This is an attention grabbing tool, so use it for headlines only and regular type for everything else.

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A background with photography design approach is being used in all industries with a vast degree of success. Clients and users like it because it is aesthetically pleasing.
A photo background approach is great for branding and presentational purposes when your main objective is to make a strong visual statement. Use only top quality, high resolution photos. To make the design more interesting, try laying out the content so it interacts with the photo.
Infographics are graphic visual representations of information or knowledge. They present complex information quickly and clearly, such as in maps, journalism, technical writing, and education.

These can be used to describe a process, a set of numbers or statistics, a cause and effect, and more. Good infographics adds clarity to the information being presented.

If you are doing a highly technical project that needs originality, this is a good concept to contemplate.

Design trends are here to stay. There is no evidence showing people are abandoning them. When you want to design a website that will last, consider the information above, because these design approaches are less likely to become outdated, and you can combine them in a countless ways to make exceptional websites.
*Did You Know? Responsive web designing is a way to code websites in such a way that they fit on all resolutions. Websites rearrange their elements to look good, regardless of what resolution you are using. This makes the same website look good from large screen monitors to mobile phones.

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