SEO – A New Age for Marketing

The competition to achieve recognition on the web becomes more difficult daily. Every website battles for their place on the Internet. The most effective weapon they have for utilization is SEOSearch Engine Optimization.

Today SEO is essential for each and every business website. For people who are following new techniques and ideas to increase their sales and online rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, here are some of the latest trends:

* Professional SEO Copywriting
* Image Optimization
* Content Optimization
* Flash Optimization
* Geographic optimization
* Blogging & Posting Content
* Social book marking
* Article Marketing
* Inbound links with targeted Keywords
* Video Optimization and Marketing
* Micro blogging like on Twitter

Times have changed and the clues and tricks which worked (in the past) have been exposed. Google, the star search engine does not fall for tricks. Google sends spiders or crawlers out and obtains a keyword placement through the relevant websites and creates an index of the site by analyzing its contents. It then assigns the site a page ranking status depending on how well or poorly the site has done its due diligence.

The current SEO trends that are running the internet market are of inbound linkages and submission to relevant blogs and forums.  The hyperlinks attached to major related websites do wonders to the credential of a website.  Submission of RSS feeds and URLs are also beneficial.

User content on interfaces have to be seriously analyzed by the core team of a website before giving the final touch to the product the site is promoting.  The keywords and tags work differently in diverse sites, and the effort has to be executed meticulously to understand the algorithms of these search engines, through several trial and errors.

Google’s roll out of “Universal Search” has changed the playing field for the future.  The watchword is “different” and that is how search engine marketers will need to think.  Search engines have been guilty of doing exactly the opposite of what online marketers try to achieve. We try and keep visitors on our websites for as long as possible with engaging contentSearch engines rocket people somewhere else within seconds of the search results appearing.

Keyword research has long been the foundation of successful SEO campaigns. Target the wrong keywords and you are doomed from the start.  How much keyword research did you do before you launched your website?

Prestige Technologies can direct you down the proper path. Through a well perceived and efficiently developed SEO campaign, Prestige Technologies will lead your business to the epicenter of where it needs to evolve, regarding your Search Engine Optimization goals.

Where in the world are you? It is possible you know where you are, but search engines such as Google do not have a clue. Owning a Top Level Domain is a good start, but even if you have this domain and you are hosting in another country, you could be confusing the issue for search engines.

How many back links do you have?  What is your Page Rank?  What do people say about you in link anchor text?  How do you find more links?  What are the most popular keyword searches?  What is your ranking on search engines?  Do you have barriers preventing your site from being crawled?  What is your page strength?  Do you know these answers?

Do you get the feeling that searching is moving up a notch?

Are you among those internet marketers who are willing to see your site in the first page of search engines when you type in your business keyword? Apart from a normal web existence, when you try for search engine positioning and SEO traffic, you should respect internet marketing as a game, and you should become trained by a professional coach! By agreeing that SEO traffic can be a game, shows you are interested in playing it.  Don’t you think it is time to start learning?

Be very keen when selecting the keyword you want to be ranked for, and then build a relevant keyword list. Common sense is the only tool which should be utilized to select your main keywords!  The links to your selected keywords, from many sources will get your website ranked well with those keywords, by putting in your hard effort. A link from any site is considered as a back link and is shown in the search engines. There are many other factors which can be shown, but search engine strategies keep changing. Among those changing SEO traffic strategies are Web 2.0, video submissions, etc.

So what does all this mean – it means you must embrace technology for all it has to offer. SEO may seem costly, but it is the undisputed technological answer to your future success.

*Did You Know – While searching for my ‘Did You Know’ fact (for this newsletter) I performed a Google search querying SEO?

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