Emercury | Email Marketing Manager

Email marketing is a very cost effective way for companies of all sizes to compete successfully in business today. Yet many companies fail to capitalize on this exceptional marketing strategy and are losing sales as a result.

Emercury has a higher delivery rate (96-98%), than our major competitors (38%), whose e-messages are often blocked by ISP anti-spam controls.

That's why we created Emercury, our innovative email marketing management solution.

We worked with top Internet Service Provides (ISPs) and business owners to develop an email marketing program that's not only easy-to-use, but extremely efficient at getting your message to your customers and prospects.

For example, there are companies that send out thousands of emails a month, yet have no idea how many are opened, clicked-through to thier website or sent to invalid addresses. Emercury has adelivery rate more than double tat of our major competitors, with reporting features to fine tune your recipient list with each campaign.

Other firms avoid email marketing because they don't know HTML coding or lack design staff. Emercury lets you create customized, professional-looking email campaigns with a variety of easy-to-use templates - and no knowledge of HTML required.

  • Hosted Database
    Collects, stores and manages all customers, prospects and Web transactions for seamless data integration, reporting and analysis.
  • Email Campaign Creation
    A variety of customizable templates let you create professional-looking email campaigns quickly and easily.
  • Automated Campaign Management
    Your email campaign practically runs itself. Features include automated pre-scheduled and recurring delivery, bounce management, one-click unsubscribe and forward-to-friend links for viral list growth.
  • Analytics Reporting
    Reports include delivery success, bounce bakcs, demographics, unsbscribers, and contact level detail (who opened your email, who clicked through to your website) to measure ROI of your campaigns.
  • CAN-SPAM Law compliance
    Our CAN-SPAM compliance features meet all federal guidelines and conform to industry best practices, ensuring maximum deliverability and a reduced risk that your emails will be blocked by anti-spam controls.
Emercury is ideal for any company that sells directly to consumers via the internet or as a "Private Label" reseller product for marketing and web design firms. This web-based system is accessible form anywhere on the Internet, requires no technical expertize or setup, and comes with a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL offer.

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PT.CMS | Content Management System

PT.CMS provides complete control over your website content, images and much more.

The CMS, or Content Management System, automates the process of maintaining a website. It provides a simple interface that can be used to create, publish, archive and index your web pages.

The CMS provides complete control over your website content, images and much more. You do not need to know HTML - using the PT.CMS anyone can configure rich text, add images, create links and more.

Features of PT.CMS
  • Add/Edit Pages
  • Add/Change Images
  • Free Automated Software Updates
  • Remote Hosting Updates (FTP)
  • Dynamic Navigation
  • Add Pages w/ Automated Navigation
  • Multiple Websites
  • Supervisor Review
  • Template Control
  • Attach Files (Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Flash)

The PT.CMS is a module organized system

  • Structure management module: allows to change structure of the website, edit menu, add/remove pages and to edit content of the pages
  • User access rights module
  • Statistics module
  • File management module
  • Contacts module
  • FAQ and Q&A module
  • Gallery module

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PT.CART | Ecommerce Shopping Cart

PT.CART's are a complete e-commerce storefront solution for your new or existing web site. Easily build, edit, and maintain your online shop, and collect orderswithout any programming or HTML knowledge!

  • Shipping Module Module supported
  • Payment Gateway Module Payment Gateway Module supported
    Paypal Gateway Supported
    CMS Manager
    Add/Edit/Delete additonal Pages
  • News Module
    Scrolling News Announcements on your home page
    Autocreation of seperate pages of these news articles on your website
  • Review Module (See what others are saying)
    Have your clients review your products and have others see this score.
  • Related Items Module
    Select products that are related to your product
    Auto relate products depending on others past sales

  • User Management
    Add/Edit/Delete Administrators
    Add/Edit/Delete Customers
    View Customer Orders
    Complete Order History and Payment History
    Product Management
    Add/Edit/Delete Products
    Add/Edit/Delete Categories
    Add/Edit/Delete Category Types
    Add/Edit/Delete Options
    Create Colors
    Create Sizes
  • Product Settings
    Add Products
    Add Images
    Slide Show of your product images
  • Inventory Control
    Set the amount of products you have and dont worry about over selling
  • Financial Statistics
    View all transactions and totals by date range
  • SEO Preferences
    metatag updates
    page title update
    keyword update
    description update

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