Ecommerce Hosting at its Best


We at Prestige Technologies provide the best of ecommerce hosting to our clients. Customers who visit your websites should be able to access and buy products with ease. Simple and intuitive designs of websites have proved to improve sales and business in general. Our ecommerce hosting services use the best techniques and latest technology to bring you the best. Whether you are setting up a website or if you want to remodel an old one, we are the people you should come to.

Shopping Cart

One of our storefront solutions for all your ecommerce needs is the PT CART. With this, you will be able to manage your online website and even collect orders without any technical knowledge. A lot of websites are making use of this for ecommerce hosting. The shopping cart is one of the most important things in ecommerce hosting and better the design, better the sales.

Professional Quality Results

As experts work on making your website perfect for business, you can keep checking on the progress any time you want with a temporary link. Our experience in the field is what keeps us on top of the business. We have designed a lot of highly functional websites taking into account our clients’ requirements and expectations. When your business is slacking, one of the first things you should check is if your website is designed well and if you have efficient ecommerce features.

For Mobile Devices

As we understand that a lot of people access internet through their mobile devices, we can modify the website to suit the user. This will increase your customer base, immensely. We provide fast servers which customers will find very impressive. 24/7 server monitoring ensures that you lose no business and it also allows unlimited hits on the site. Online billing is hassle free, quick and will be appreciated by you as well as your customers. We make sure that you don’t miss out on any potential customer.

Value for Money

We provide all our ecommerce hosting services at reasonable prices. As we are very confident that our services will bring you profit, we even have a 30 day money back guarantee. When you sign up for a whole year, you save 10 %. You can also opt for monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly and yearly billing. What you spend on our ecommerce hosting is minimal when you consider the amount you will profit from these services.