Things to Consider When Integrating Cloud in an IT Infrastructure

cloud web hostingWhile there are still cloud naysayers among the crowd, there is no denying that cloud technology has matured enough to the point where it’s become foolish for organizations to avoid implementing at least one type of cloud solution for their IT infrastructure. If your organization falls into this category and you don’t want to be left behind, here are some of things you might want to consider:


These days, implementing cloud based email solutions don’t really cost that much yet provides companies and its employees with several benefits, including the ability to access their mails (and therefore continue working) regardless of device or location. Additionally, a cloud-based email infrastructure will bring savings as it doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance and support compared to a traditional on-site email server.


It may seem ironic because security is one of the key issues that slowed adoption of the cloud at the outset, but the technology has matured and now we have various security solutions that are based on the cloud. Leading security companies like McAfee and Norton now offer cloud-based security suites that make it easier for organizations to maintain security for their network without devoting too much local resources on security suites.


While it’s still important for companies to have on-site backups in order to facilitate fast recovery, off-site backups are a necessity in order to cover against various unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances that would take an on-site backup out of the equation. Cloud-based backups are exceptionally suited for these purposes as they will be hosted far away from the site and can be made redundant on several different locations all over the globe.

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Office Productivity Tools

For many small enterprises, the cost of buying a license for a full office productivity suite is usually way beyond their budget. In this case, light (and usually free) cloud-based office productivity solutions are offered by Google, Microsoft, and IBM – allowing them to use a version of the software that is limited in function but cost-effective, until they reach a point where they can finally afford a full suite.

Web Conferencing

Lastly, web conferencing – while an old medium – has been perfected once cloud technology and cost-effective high bandwidth became prevalent. The ability to hold meetings and communicate with other people regardless of geographical location will do wonders in boosting any company’s agility and flexibility.

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