How a DNS Can Help Your Business Grow (Part 2 of 2)

In the previous post, we’ve outlined a way on how DNS can aid in your business’ growth, with the chief method being efficient management of your traffic via weighted load balancing and automated failover, both of which ensure that visitors of your company website will never experience slow loading or dropped requests. This is very useful in helping your business grow because it prevents loss of sales due to an inaccessible website (which could be a point of sale or a marketing channel.)

For this post, we’re going to outline several more ways a DNS can help your business grow:

Localize DNS Responses via Origin-Dependent Routing

Origin-Dependent Routing is essentially another means of managing traffic, but this time it is based on the geographic origin of the request. But instead of assigning a weight to each stream or monitoring failure points, an origin-dependent routing system just monitors the geographic location of the request based on the DNS and sends it to a resource that is based within the same region or the nearest one. For example, if a user from Sweden tries to access your website, the network routes said traffic to a server based in Sweden or somewhere near, instead of letting it go through a server from China or Thailand.

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With origin-dependent routing, service will be speedier and more reliable as it takes out any latency issues caused by distance. Additionally, knowledge of a user’s geographical location is extremely valuable for businesses as it lets them target users more effectively, serving region-specific content or presenting information in a user’s native language.

Strong Recursive DNS Protects Against Threats

Everytime someone types in an Internet address, a recursive server will match it to the right host IP. In order to conserve on resources and speed up queries, the DNS answers are cached for a predetermined time (this is why when moving hosts or buying a new domain name, you usually need to wait a certain amount of time before it starts resolving to your website.)

With Prestige, our recursive DNS server is fast, reliable, and highly secure. Ensuring that queries resolve fast and with no dropped requests. For businesses, a strong recursive DNS server helps beyond ensuring speedy access time for your website visitors, it also provides security from growing threats via category-based filtering. This means inappropriate requests – like those coming from malware-infested sites or scammy content scrapers can be blocked before they even reach your network. This means your company website will be free of harmful malware-infested ads and won’t be bogged down by content that customers deem inappropriate.

First Line of Defense Against DdoS Attacks

In this day and age, where businesses now thrive on the Internet and hackers can now be hired to compromise a competitors’ website, DdoS attacks are the most common form of attack, and it can be very crippling, as it can knock business websites offline, affecting sales for ones that serve as direct sale portals, taking out customer service and bringing down public confidence on the company.

The most popular attack vector for a DdoS attack is the DNS, and usually serve as the target when hackers fail at more discrete attacks (like phishing, code injections, hacking, etc.)

Prestige knows just how important DdoS protection is, and so implements internal DdoS protection that will allow the host to deal with an attack before it escalates, ensuring that businesses won’t be caught off guard and left unavailable for long periods of time.

At the end of the day, it is vital for businesses to understand the role of a DNS service and how it relates to their growth online. Prestige offers a whole slew of managed DNS services that will ensure the best uptime and fast, reliable responses, all offered at cost-efficient packages.

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