Keys to Effective Landing Pages

For online marketers, the landing page is usually one of, if not the most important factor in their success. The landing page to an offer will usually be the deciding point on whether a lead will convert or whether a prospect will turn into a lead. A poor landing page will be a dead end, as the funnel stops if you can’t even get the visitor to read through or click through the rest of the landing page’s contents. So how do you make an effective landing page?

The good news is that optimizing a landing page doesn’t require technical know-how or savant-like literary skills. All you need are a number of simple tweaks that only take a few minutes to implement, such as:

Make Your Headlines Stand Out

It’s already common knowledge that your headlines should be attention-grabbers and should build anticipation, but we’re not just talking about the actual written content. The way you format the headlines themselves, from the font, to the size, to the position they occupy on the landing page should be designed to grab readers’ attention immediately. Don’t let it get buried underneath all the text or don’t let it blend in too much with the page’s colors. Just make sure you find the sweet spot: headlines that stand out but don’t ruin the landing page’s look. You still want your landing page to be pleasing to the eyes, after all.

Practice Brevity

A landing page is not a blog post. If you have trouble differentiating between the two, it’s probably an indication that you don’t understand what a landing page is. Make sure your copy contains all the necessary information, but short enough that it won’t distract readers from the value of your offer. Remember that many readers are hardwired to convince themselves out of converting, so the more time they spend reading your copy, the greater chance that they will convince themselves that buying or clicking is not such a good idea. Make sure you are able to present your case from within 100 to 200 words and then hit them with the Call to Action.

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Emphasize Value

It’s pretty much a requirement that a landing page should tell visitors what they will get if they redeem the offer. However, many landing pages only tell people what they will get, not what they will get out of it. An effective landing page should make the value of the offer very clear to prospects, because people don’t really care about the things or services that they will get – what they care about is the benefits those things will give them. There is a clear distinction between the two, something that many novice marketers fail to understand.

Make Your Landing Page Scannable

There is this thing they call “Elevator Pitch,” which essentially means that for a sales pitch to be effective, you should be capable of presenting it to a prospect by the time an elevator reaches their intended floor. The same goes for landing pages. In order to be effective, all the information you need to present should be digestible in a short amount of time. A good way of doing this is writing the copy so that it is a series of scannable paragraphs, as opposed to one big wall of text.

Move the Form Above the Fold

As implied above, your prospects don’t really have much time even if your headline already managed to grab their interest. With the clock ticking, you don’t want to waste their time with unnecessary scrolling. So as much as possible, the form should be “above the fold” or should be seen without too much scrolling.

Lastly, Optimize Your Form

It’s understandable if you want to get a lot of information from your prospects. Every single bit of data, no matter how trivial, will be useful in tailoring your offers to suit their needs (which means both you and your customers benefit.) However, you shouldn’t ask for all the information in your Landing Page, because that will make the form too tedious to fill out. Nobody likes filling out endless lists of fields and dropdown menus. Just ask for the basic information that you need to get things started, and then use surveys and feedback forms later if you need more information.


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