Is Your Project Manager Your Weakest Link?

By now, we are all familiar with the term OUTSOURCING, but let us take a moment to recap.  What are the benefits of outsourcing?  Well, for one thing, when a company decides to outsource non-core duties to an outside service provider, they are relieving personnel to perform tasks which are essential for company success and economic growth.  What other benefits does outsourcing offer?  Outsourcing can provide meaningful opportunities for promotion and restructuring.  For example, an employee who was once busy answering telephones is suddenly discovered to be an excellent conflict manager.  Had it not been for outsourcing, would you have discovered this?  Outsourcing can be a wonderful time for INTROSPECTION and subsequently – MEANINGFUL ACTION!

But, let us move past defining outsourcing and take a closer look at what it takes to do it successfully.  First, let us define the term project; a project is a scheme, idea, or planned undertaking.  A project is different from everyday tasks, in that it requires concentrated effort to bring about expected results.  When a project is initiated, the expectation is that it will thrive and be an improvement on previous ideas.  With that said, a project requires a leader or a PROJECT MANAGER.

According to “10 Rules of Highly Successful Project Management” an online article, a successful project manager is someone who can envision the entire project from start-to- finish and have the prowess to realize this vision.”   The article goes on to explain that a project manager should be someone who can visualize and communicate all project deliverables and activities, as well as anticipate any unforeseen problems with project completion.  The project manager also should be someone that can maintain an open dialog and always have in mind – TIME, BUDGET, and QUALITY.   How many of you feel this can be handled via e-mail, i-m-ing, telephone calls, and faxes?  I did not think so!

The benefits of maintaining project management close to home go far beyond money and control.  Project management from across the table rather than across the country is synonymous with: accountability, flexibility, and responsibility.  Simply put opting to manage a project close to home allows a company to make last minute changes, hold someone accountable immediately, and resolve issues in the moment rather than hours later.  Often times, it is not the big issues which arise that can bring down a project, but rather the small unexpected issues that determine the success or failure of a project.

*Did You Know – the forefather of project management is Henry Gantt, who is famously known for his use of the Gantt chart as a project management tool.

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